Mustang Money 2
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Mustang Money 2

Mustang Money 2 tries to capture the feeling of a more simple, classic slot machine in this five-reel, twenty payline…

Mustang Money 2 Review

Mustang Money 2 tries to capture the feeling of a more simple, classic slot machine in this five-reel, twenty payline online slot game from Ainsworth.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a real grasp on what gives old games their appeal, and as a result, Mustang Money 2 feels somewhat passionless in its approach.

With an RTP of 94.07%, even frequent hits don’t tend to offer any significant reward. Read on to see if this game deserves to have you in the saddle.

  • Scatter Tiles
  • Scatter Wilds
  • Respins
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Free Games w/Retrigger
Minimum Bet$0.25
Maximum Bet $500
Top Win1,000x

Where to Play Mustang Money 2 in America

Mustang Money 2 Symbols and Payouts

Mustang Money 2 has five reels and twenty paylines, which only pay out on left-to-right matches: some symbols require three adjacent symbols to make a match, others only need two.

It has three symbol types, and its highest payout is a 1000x bet multiplier.


This slot has only two symbol types during normal gameplay: basic/premium multipliers and wilds. There is also a unique tile – the Mustang Money tile – that only appears during the feature. 

Your basic symbols are 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces, each stylized with roses, crowns, and dice. They can payout anywhere from .25x to 5x your bet. 

Your premium symbols are (mostly) themed after the American West: you have campfires, eagles, a desert sunrise, and a dollar sign. You will always get your money back if you land a premium match, because their payouts range from 1x at minimum, all the way up to 50x.

The wilds in Mustang Money 2 serve two purposes. They are represented by flaming horses and only appear on reels two, three, and four.

You should pay attention when one appears; it both substitutes for any other symbol in a match, and serves as the scatter bonus for this slot.

Three simultaneous wilds trigger this reel’s feature.


Here’s the full table with each symbol’s payouts, and the winning paylines.

Mustang Money 2 Min/Max Bets

The minimum required to bet per line is 25¢, and the maximum allowed is $500. Ainsworth lists this in their High Denomination category, and as you can see, they take that title seriously.

Mustang Money 2 RTP, Volatility, and Hit Frequency

This reel has a low RTP of 94.07%, well below the industry standard of 96.50%. It has a medium volatility rating, which means bigger wins are spaced well apart, but an overall high hit frequency that offers constant minor returns.

The free spin bonus feature doesn’t trigger often; during our three hundred test spins, we only landed the feature once 

Mustang Money 2 Maximum Win/Jackpot

Mustang Money 2 doesn’t have a jackpot, but it does have a maximum multiplier of 1000x. This means that with the smallest bet of $0.25, you will win $250, and with the largest stake of $500, you will win $2,000,000. 

Mustang Money 2 Features

This reel has one feature: a free spin feature with expanding sticky wilds. Horses trigger the free spins, while Mustang Money symbols trigger the expanding stickies. 

Wilds, Spins, and Other Base Game Features

The wilds in Mustang Money 2 do double the work. The horses that act as wilds also act as scatter tiles that set off the free spin feature. In the base game, they only appear on reels two, three, and four. 


Aside from the basic wilds, there are also expanding sticky wilds during the free spin feature. During the feature, Mustang Money tiles are added to reels one and five. If you land a Mustang Money tile on both reels during a roll, they will expand and cover both end reels in sticky wilds that apply to your next spin. 

Graphics and Sound

It’s hard to know where to place the graphics and sound in this game on a ranking scale – on one hand, Ainsworth is obviously trying to emulate a mechanical, sit-down-in-the-parlor machine that you would find in many older or non-virtual casinos.

This means that some of the elements of this slot that may seem unpolished in an online video environment may be completely by choice.

On the other hand, the graphics and sound didn’t really do anything to bolster the experience, even if they also didn’t detract from it. Let’s read about them.


The graphics in Mustang Money 2 are purposefully chosen, but not necessarily inspiring. You have your 9 – Ace card suite for your basic symbols, and various bits of Western-inspired imagery for your premium symbols.

The royal card symbols are jazzed up with small accessories such as dice and crowns, and many of the Western tiles are nice if a bit generic. 

The slot does not have smooth animation, but again, this is forgivable because they’re trying to emulate the mechanical feel of an older, physical slot. Some would describe it as choppy, but it has a charm unto itself that I enjoy.

It could stand a few touch-ups in a few areas (maybe redraw the horse head and add a few more frames to the spin animation?) but the visuals here are not bad. 

Sounds and Music

The sounds and music don’t do much to elevate your playtime – mostly because there really aren’t that many sounds or any music at all. The reel is silent unless you activate the sound effects, which are off by default. 

Again, the decision to make the reel feel classic by using somewhat outdated assets should come into question. The whip cracks and crunchy wheel sounds feel cheesy to me, even if they are entertaining in a goofy kind of way.

The horse neigh that accompanies a match that contains a wild is a nice touch, even though the horse is significantly louder than everything else.

The little jingle that plays when you land a match is very pleasant, and you’ll be hearing it frequently thanks to this game’s respectable hit rate. 

Mustang Money 2 Review – Conclusion

This Mustang does not need breaking in. The ground here has been tread several times before and definitely does not evoke the wild unpredictability of life on the Western frontier.

That said, this game has its charms. Ainsworth set out to make a slot that gives players that classic parlor feels, and I’d say they succeeded. You won’t find a gold rush on this frontier, but you may find a pleasant sense of adventure.