Noble Sky
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Noble Sky

Soar the heights in these flying steampunk airships full of re-spins and multipliers!


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Noble Sky Review

Come along and discover the adventurous world of flying machines made before the modern era. This Noble Sky review will prepare you to enter the world of fantasy and exploration that lies ahead.

How I tested Noble Sky

I played the game. First impressions do matter. We reviewed technical and artistic aspects of the experience, and we looked for details in the bonus and special feature presentations. I also cross-referenced my facts and found out what other people think about the game.


  • My first impression: there’s a relaxed feel to this game. 
  • The detail in the graphics is striking.
  • The sound is impressive without being too loud.
  • The chance to get a 10x multiplier is auspicious. 


  • Low Noble Sky RTP.
  • Lines are fixed.

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Noble Sky Symbols & Payouts

The symbols in Noble Sky are worth looking into because they will, ultimately, determine how much you will win in a particular round. Let’s look at the symbol and reveal the payouts.

The Symbols

The symbols in this game are the 10 thru ace, a compass, a top hat with goggles, a woman flight attendant, a woman pilot, and the nobleman with a tiny hairline mustache.

The numbers and the ace are drawn in a metallic script. If you look closely, you will see that there are small cogs and wheels behind each symbol.

If there is one thing to remember from reading this Noble Sky review, it’s the remarkable attention to detail achieved by the graphic artists. Each symbol is a work of art. There are precise details in the depiction of the two women, for example. 

The jackpot trigger symbol is a gold disc (with clock wheels inside it) that looks like a coin as it flies across the screen and into the vault.


The mustached nobleman is worth a max of $1,000, while the lowest take is the 10 symbol at $10. 

Paytable 1
Paytable 2
Paytable 3
Paytable 4

Min/Max Bet, Autoplay Option

The minimum bet on Noble Sky is $0.25, and the maximum bet is $50

Having a small minimum bet is always helpful as an option for players who want to hold back their bets as part of a strategy.

There is an autoplay option. 


Noble Sky RTP is 96.12%.


The volatility for this slot is low to medium.

Hit Frequency

The hit frequency for Noble Sky is 44.45%

Jackpot And/or Maximum Win

Mini15 x wager
Minor40 x wager
Major500 x wager
Grand5000 x wager

This Game Has Multipliers and Stacked Wilds, but Low RTP

You’re hoping for those wilds and multipliers because this game is all about them, but the fact that the Noble Sky RTP is 96.12% can cause some trepidation for those looking for immediate payouts.

Luckily, this Noble Sky review discusses how it engages the player with its theme and storyline. When you’re mesmerized by the show, you want to stay and play more. 

Game Features

This game has an exciting way of delivering a bonus during gameplay. Sure it has the regular in-game jackpots (the vault bonus), but this game incorporates multipliers in a way that keeps you looking to the skies. 

The action happens when what looks like a type of zeppelin comes flying across the screen. You’ll want to watch it intently because if it lands on that fifth wheel, you have a chance to get the 10x multiplier and rake in the dough.

Wilds, Re-Spins, and Other Features

The wilds and special features are going to come in handy with the Noble Sky slot. 


The wilds are stacked in this slot and can enhance your take if you are lucky enough to get the multiplier bonus round.



The multiplier in Noble sky is activated by a zeppelin-like flying machine that swoops in and lands on one of the five wheels. 


Re-spins are triggered when a full airship wild lands on a reel. The re-spins will automatically spin themselves. With each round the multiplier will increase and the airship will move one reel to the left. Re-spins continue until the airship is no longer on the board. 

Noble Sky Offers Two Bonuses but No Free Spins

Noble Sky has two bonuses, one of which is delivered to the player in an original manner. It’s exhilarating to see that craft of fortune come swooping in to deliver multipliers, for instance. 

This game does not have a free spin feature, which means it would only have been even better had the developers decided to incorporate three bonus features in this fantastic extravaganza.

Noble Sky Graphics & Sound

Graphics2D with realism
Optimized for Mobile👍 
Special featuresAutospin

The Graphics in Noble Sky Are Extraordinary  

The first thing you notice when you play Noble Sky is the fantastic detail in the graphics. They went for a steampunk theme, placing the player high in the sky in some kind of flying contraption. 

All around the screen is an intricate interlacing of cogs and wheels that dizzy the imagination. The details achieved in the graphics of this game add to its charm, from the clouds to the turning cogs and the amazing flying machines.

I already mentioned the details in the symbols, but this game’s presentation is artistically comprehensive. If you look at the graphics all around the gameplay screen, far below is a fantasy civilization. 

Solutions If You Have Some Issues With a Game

  • Contact the online casino’s support team if you have a situation where the game isn’t functioning correctly.
  • If the gaming software malfunctions, bets, and payouts are rendered void. Bets are refunded in this case.
  • If an irregularity occurs, players can replay the game or choose not to (with a refund).


After completing this Noble Sky review, I’m sure that I love this game. It’s the design and comprehensive theme achieved by the creators that make it unique. The music is whimsical, adventurous, and dreamy. The game is a perfect display of steampunk style mixed with high-class living. 

Low Noble Sky RTP may turn some away, but most will be drawn into the game by noticing the details.

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