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Sweet Chilli: Electric Cash

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Sweet Chilli: Electric Cash Review

In this writing piece, we will be offering a Sweet Chilli slot review to learn all there is to know about Sweet Chilli. We will be looking into details concerning Sweet Chilli, how to play the game, and strategic ways to increase your winning chances. So stay glued to your screen.

Argument:Is there an added sweetness to Sweet Chilli?
Game Name:Sweet Chilli
Provider:Ainsworth Group
Game Type:Video Slot Game
Volatility:Low to Medium
Features:Stick & Spin, Free Spins
Min Bet (all lines covered):1.00 (USD, EUR, GBP)
Max Bet:40.00 (USD, EUR, GBP)
Supporting currencies:USD, EUR, GBP
Top win:750X 

How I tested Sweet Chilli

To score a slot during a review, I use the following criteria. This will give you a good outline of how I went about grading the Sweet Chilli slot.

Is the game appealing to the eye and the ear?

Aside from focusing on getting a win, you want to enjoy the experience. Since these online casino games are not land-based, software developers put a lot of work into the game’s physical appearance.

What do the bonuses look like? 

Since the chances of a player scoring a full jackpot are quite slim, how has the online casino game gone about trying to compensate the player in making the experience worthwhile?

What are the odds?

Here, we focus on the paylines, volatility, and RTP in assessing the odds for a player to gain something from the game.

I know the chances are slim, but what’s the maximum jackpot?

We know that the chances of you winning the jackpot are slim, but, ironically, players are very hopeful in the world of gambling, and it’s no surprise that the jackpot amount does attract players.

Can I have it on the go?

These days, people are always up and about. Having a quick gamble round in that spare moment is vital to players, making casino games offer mobile compatibility.


Play Sweet Chilli with the best bonus

Bonuses are everything in the world of gambling, whether you look at ones offered by online casinos or ones offered by online casino games themselves. These are features used to attract players to participate and register with them, which means more revenue for them.

Casinos where players can find and play Sweet Chilli include:

Thoughts on Sweet Chilli’s best bonuses

Each online casino offers different bonuses to them, and as far as recommendations and suggestions go, choosing an online casino that would have the best bonus offers depends on you. What are you looking for? A reward for making a deposit? A free spins feature to help you during the game? Sign up bonuses to have extra credit to play with? What works for you? 


Factors such as your budget and your game strategy affect the kind of bonuses you would be after. So don’t always be too quick to join an online casino that offers the biggest bonus. Figure out your game plan and choose from there.

Sweet Chilli Symbols and Payouts

Special symbols, bonus symbols, bonus features, and bonus rounds are all great game boosters that help players increase their chances of winning. They’re fun, exciting, and rewarding in the eye of the player. If you ask me, I believe they’re a win for both the online game operators and the player itself.

The symbols

Sweet Chilli’s wild symbol is the mask. This symbol replaces other regular symbols of the game with it only appearing on reels 2 and 5. The mask is simple to understand and seems like a fun booster to increasing a player’s chances of winning.

The chilli symbols carry Electric Prizes which pay between 1X to 250X of the player’s total stake. It’s that or one of two smaller jackpots that are fixed.


Paytable 1
Paytable 2
Paytable 3
Paytable 4
Paytable 5

Minimum/ Maximum Bets and Autoplay

The betting range to Sweet Chilli is between $1 and $40. These values are the minimum and maximum betting ranges.

Sweet Chilli does come with an Autoplay feature. Autoplay is meant to give you better access to the game and also shorten the waiting time between spins. In this way, you have that little time on your hands to attend to something else quickly while affording yourself the chance to not miss out on a potential winning opportunity.

Sweet Chilli RTP

Sweet Chilli has an RTP of 96.17%. This is not the best when comparing it to other online casino games of its kind, but it is something to work with. This value means that for every $100 invested in the game, the player can expect a return of $96.17, which is not bad.

Sweet Chilli Volatility

Sweet Chilli has a low to medium volatility rate. This means that Sweet Chilli offers a low-to-medium risk game. This may sound great, but playing games such as these also means that the winning combinations that the player expects are of a lower value. 

Hit frequency

Hit frequency is the number of times that a slot machine will score a winning combination. A good example would be to find a slot game that offers a hit frequency of 9%. This means that 9 out of 100 times, the slot game will offer the player a winning combination.

Unfortunately, Sweet Chilli doesn’t have records of the hit frequencies to the game.

Jackpots and wins

Sweet Chilli players can get up to 750X of their total stake. Compared to other popular online slot games, the payout is somewhat decent. Players can score more decent rewards through the bonus features of the game.

Decent payouts for a decent game

Let’s face it, seeing a top win of up to 750X your total bet isn’t as hot as you would think a Mexican-themed game would be. For this reason, Sweet Chilli has a low-to-medium volatility rate. However, players can come alive to know that the Sweet Chilli RTP is a decent 96.17%. This means that even though the payouts aren’t so great, there is potential for players to make winnings from time to time.

Game features

A Sweet Chilli review would not be complete if it didn’t discuss the bonus rounds and bonus features that the game consists of.

The Stick & Spin feature is a fun way to boost your earnings. Here, red or green chilli symbols stick to the reel while you try to get another chilli in other positions spin after spin. This feature unlocks the Grand Bonus of the game.

Another bonus to Sweet Chilli is the free spins. Players can win 10 free spins for landing 3 or more sweet chilli.

Bonuses! Bonus features and bonus rounds

Special symbols, bonus symbols, bonus features, and bonus rounds are all great game boosters that help players increase their chances of winning. Punters can sometimes view these game additions as luring tactics used by online casino games to get them to want to play. They’re fun, exciting, and rewarding in the eye of the player. If you ask me, I believe they’re a win for both the online game operators and the users themselves.

Even though Sweet Chilli does not have many game features and bonus rounds to boast about, the few they have do fill the void to a certain extent which is good and positive for hopeful gamblers.

Joker King graphics and sound

GraphicsUse of 3D graphics which are colorful and bright
Optimized for mobileYes
MusicUpbeat and vibrant Mexican-themed soundtrack
Special FeaturesInclusion of Mexican culture

A sweet experience to Sweet Chilli

It’s a Mexican theme with this baby, and it will undoubtedly have you shouting “Hola!” Ainsworth has successfully managed to put together an incredible Mexican influence into this game, including Mexican foods, wrestling, music, and a touch of other elements. There’s a variety in the chosen use of symbols, and anyone could quickly feel entertained by the use of bright colors and fun features. It’s a definite sweet experience.

Solutions if you have some issues with a game

  • Always ensure that your Java and Flash are updated
  • Check that all your plug-ins are disabled
  • Having trouble accessing a game? This could be because the game:
    • Is undergoing maintenance
    • Is unavailable in your location
    • Has not yet been developed for playing online


Ainsworth has outdone itself by keeping this video slot game as entertaining and rewarding as possible, especially for those who enjoy playing online games as a hobby. It’s for those who enjoy the experience. This game’s concept seems to rather be on the safe side of things with reasonable payouts and low to medium volatility. However, if you’re someone who’s looking to add a little spice to your gaming, Sweet Chilli is undoubtedly the way to go.

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