Wicked Tales: Dark Red
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Wicked Tales: Dark Red

Provider: Microgaming

Theme features a dark and sultry take on the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale.  Balanced RTP gives consistent wins and…


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Wicked Tales: Dark Red Review

  • Theme features a dark and sultry take on the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale. 
  • Balanced RTP gives consistent wins and the potential for a big payout.
  • Bonus features like free spins and Wolf’s Wheel bonus game.

You’ve probably heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf. However, this fairytale-themed slot from Microgaming puts a darker spin on the tale. Along with this dark fantasy vibe, the slot features a sexier take on the classic fairy tale, as well as plenty of extra features such as a prize wheel. 

But will this slot have you living happily ever after? Or does it get lost in the haunted forest? Check out our review and find out.

  • Free Spins
  • Wild Symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Scatter Symbols 
Minimum Bet$0.25
Maximum Bet $200
Top Win


Where to Play Wicked Tales: Dark Red In America

Wicked Tales: Dark Red Symbols and Winnings

Wicked Tales Dark Red features a classic 3×5 with 25 paylines across five reels. Winning combinations go from left to right like in standard slot games.


Keeping with the dark fantasy theme, the symbols evoke something of a creepy feeling. They start with the standard playing card values many slots use like Jack, Queen, King, and Ace from lowest to highest.

You will also see more valuable symbols, including Red Riding Hood’s brooch, the big bad wolf, and Red herself. The ‘Dark Red’ logo is this game’s wild symbol, while scatter symbols display a full moon.

More on what these symbols do later in our Wicked Tales Dark Red review.


Check out the table below for a detailed breakdown of the different symbols in this game and their payouts.

Wicked Tales Dark Red Min / Max Bets

Wicked Tales lets you wager a coin size from as little as $0.01. Across 25 paylines, that makes the minimum wager $0.25.

That sort of wager is perfect for casual players looking to have a bit of fun without risking too much hard-earned money.

Meanwhile, the max bet allowed is $200. This is an amount that will likely draw in higher rollers too. Just don’t let that big bad wolf gobble up your credit too quickly.

Wicked Tales Dark Red RTP, volatility & win frequency

Wicked Tales Dark Red RTP (or return to player) rate stands at 96.1%. That’s a wolf’s hair better than the average for all online slots of 96%.

This rate means that, on average, the machine will payout $96.10 for every $100 played. This average is theoretical, however, so your actual return could end up being much higher. Along with this decent RTP, Wicked Tales has a medium volatility level.

That means the hits are common enough for the game to feel rewarding, but big payouts are still possible.

Wicked Tales Dark Red Jackpot

Wicked Tales has a fixed jackpot of 5000x your wager. You’ll need some serious luck in the game’s free spin bonus rounds to get your multiplier up that high.

Read more on how this and other special features work in the next section.

Wicked Tales Dark Red Features

Along with classic slot gameplay displayed in a twisted fairy tale setting, Wicked Tales brings a few special features to the table. Here’s a rundown of what to expect.


You’re in luck if you see the ‘Dark Red’ logo appear. The logo represents the game’s wild symbol. For slot newbies, wild symbols can take the place of any other symbol from the game in a winning combination.

However, it won’t be able to replace the scatter symbol.

The Wolf’s Wheel Bonus game

Land three or more of the full moon scatter symbols, and you’ll get a visit from the big bad wolf. Instead of eating your grandma, this time, the furry fellow brings you some great prizes in this slot’s bonus game. Spin the wheel and you can win cash prizes up to 20x your wager.

You may also land on one of two additional bonus features. You may end up triggering the Forest of Fortune, a pick-and-win style game where you open up mysterious bags.

You may reveal a cash prize or a wolf that ends this bonus round.

The third possible item in a bag is an axe, which lets you fend off the wolf and keep playing if you’re unlucky enough to find him. The wheel may also trigger a free spin bonus.

As you’ll read next, this is how you can hit the biggest payouts in this slot.

Wicked Tales Dark Red Free Spins

As mentioned above, you may win some free spins from your visit to the Wolf’s Wheel. Not only do these give you free chances to score a winning combination, but you’ll also see extra-high-value symbols show up during free spins.

If luck is on your side and you hit a series of these high-value symbols, you may end up with 5000x your wager on a free spin.

Visual & Audio

Microgaming nailed the twisted fairy tale feel for this game. From the spooky moonlit background to the characters that are pulled right from the story, you’ll feel you’re in the dark forest right there with Red.

The soundtrack is subtle to play up the creepy atmosphere, but when you start to get your streak going, the music will grow to add excitement.

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Wicked Tales Dark Red Review – Conclusion

Overall, we loved the unique theme of this game. The dark twist on Little Red Riding Hood is something new. Combine that with some exciting bonus features, and it makes for an exciting experience.

The game also offers a decent RTP, giving you good value for your money. 

So give it a try and venture into the haunted forest today. The big bad wolf might have a big bad win waiting for you.