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Golden Nugget
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Hard Rock Casino
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Borgata Online
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888 Casino
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Caesars Casino
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Hollywood Casino
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Selection of Our ACG Youtube Videos

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Here are just a few videos you’ll find on our channel. 

TOP 5 Casino & Gambling SCAMS! | And How to Avoid Them

Have you ever been duped, scammed, tricked, blundered or swindled by a gambling game? In this video, Dominic, talks about the top 5 Gambling Scams to watch out for and how to avoid them!

TOP 5 Strange/Weird/Crazy Casino Games in the World!

Dominic, host of ACG Youtube, has some tales from the weird side of the table. We’ve got some games you’ve probably never heard of (perhaps with good reason!).

Top 5 CRAZIEST Casinos you Wouldn’t Believe Exist!

Dominic takes a look at a list of 5 of the most strange, bizarre, cool, and unique casinos which exist around the world. You’ll never think of land-based casinos in the same way after our list!

Top 3 MASSIVE Casino / Gambling Wins!

Ever wondered what the largest gambling wins were? Imagine winning the lottery, incredible right? Well, imagine going on to win it twice.

That’s just what one British couple did, beating estimated odds of 283 billion to one to win £1m twice on the EuroMillions.

In this video, we take a look at some of the largest gambling wins, including the couple mentioned above!

Faro – A True Wild West Card Game

In this video, Dominic takes a look at Faro.

It looks like roulette, plays like baccarat. While not the most popular card game around today, in the old west it was the game of choice.

Them cowboys weren’t wrong. Faro is a super-fun game, and I think you’d love it.

We’ll cover:

  1. History of Faro
  2. Rules
  3. How house and players would cheat
  4. Legendary players

It has 1) easy rules, 2) a super-low house edge, and 3) quick action (which led to a few brawls, I’m sure).

Five-Card Draw Tutorial – Old West Poker!

This video explains the things you need to know about five-card draw poker. It used to be played by cowboys, outlaws, miners and all sorts of people back in the day.

Wild Bill Hickock, the legendary western outlaw, was famously shot dead while playing this game. It was also played on riverboats in New Orleans and on the Mississippi River.

We’ll be looking at:

  1. How to Play
  2. Intermediate Strategy
  3. Wild Cards and Bugs
  4. Variations

Five-Card Draw Tutorial: Wildcards Explained

This video explains the things you need to know about wildcards in five-card draw poker.

Five-card draw is a pretty popular variation of poker today, but up until about 25 years ago it was the most popular variation.

It uses an ante bet, unlike Texas Hold’em or Omaha. While it’s not terribly different from other versions, you do want to be sure that you understand those wildcards.

We’ll be looking at:

  1. How to Play
  2. Intermediate Strategy
  3. Wild Cards and Bugs
  4. Variations

Who Are The Most Famous Female Gamblers In History?

People tend to think that men are the ones to gamble – mostly at least. But let me tell ya, there are some women out there with serious luck at the tables.

So here goes, some famous female gamblers Dominic picked up on the internet.

10 Gambling Movies You Need to Watch!

Dominic countdowns the top 10 gambling movies we think you need to watch.

Now, there are tons of great gambling movies out there, and these are mostly quite recent and modern films.

We might do another video on older pre-90s classics that you should check out, so let us know if you’d want that by leaving a comment or slamming that like-button to show your appreciation.

Watch it below!

Razz Poker – Tutorial for Beginners!

Razz is backward poker. The “worse” your hands are, the better you’ll do. It’s a super fun way to get you thinking about the game from the other direction.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. 1Your Hole Cards
  2. Third Street
  3. Third Street, pt. 2
  4. Fourth Street
  5. Fifth Street
  6. Sixth Street
  7. Seventh Street
  8. The Showdown

Trump: the South Italian Card Game (Orig. Briscola)

In this video, half-Italian guest, James, comes in to show us the ins and outs of Trump.

This uses a 40-card deck (no 8s, 9s, or 10s). Trump is a super fun game. Very easy to learn and play. That combined with its fast action makes this an awesome game to introduce your friends to.

Watch this vid and learn along with Dominic. Trump is not just an interesting bit of Sicilian history…it’s loads of fun!

Learn How to Play Courchevel With THESE Techniques

Courchevel is a modification of Omaha Hi. But it’s got some cool extra options. You get 5 hole cards and 5 community cards.

You have to use 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the community pool to make your strongest hand.

Learn more in our video, below!

Top 5 Poker Scenes in Movies

Watch this countdown of the ultimate poker scenes in movies. Dominic locked himself in a basement for weeks to put this list together, so we hope it won’t disappoint.

He’s collected the tensest, most nail-biting, heart-attack-inducing, thrill-riddled poker showdowns you’ll ever see on the big screen!

Patrik Antonius Launches new Poker app – Battle of Malta 2019

All American Casino Guide conducts an exclusive interview with poker star, Patrik Antonius, as he launches the new poker social media app, FLOP – First Land of Poker.

The app delves into the common issues that poker players share in the vibrant community of poker, bridging the gap between the poker rooms and the players.

Antonius discusses his work as a poker professional and his evolution as a player alongside the evolution of poker itself.

He compares the main differences between playing tournament poker and playing cash games with the pros and cons of each.

Finally, Antonius describes the amount of travel the poker profession requires and the variety of countries his career has taken him.

Bet You Didn’t Know THIS About Casinos!

Dominic has a slew of interesting facts about casinos and table games that you probably never knew! For example, did you know that the numbers on a roulette wheel all add up to 666?

This is why a roulette wheel is referred to as the devil’s wheel.

Watch on to find out more!

5 Biggest Gambling Frauds

We all know about the infamous “house edge”, which is the fact that Casinos always beat the players in the long run. It’s just part of the nature of gambling.

But today we’re going to talk about some people who managed to beat the system, by exploiting Casinos and essentially robbing them under their noses.

Dominic counts down the 5 biggest casino frauds of all time.