Finding good casino promotions

By H. Scot Krause
Whether you're a first time visitor to a casino or a seasoned veteran, there are always opportunities to explore, new promotions to try and maybe even a little homework to do before you arrive.  Players often ask how to find the best deals and promotions.  We’ll try to help by offering some tips and suggestions for finding good casino promotions to help you make the most of your trip and to help you make the most of your preparations.

First, if you're not a member of every slot club where you're playing, that is step one and you should have "been there-done that" already. The slot clubs are the keys to opening doors in the casino and rewarding you for your patronage and play.  It's like getting a rebate for playing or as some say, like earning mileage in your frequent flyers club, or getting discounts with your grocery store card. Best of all, it's always free to join!

Which Casino has the best slot club?

The simple answer is "That depends…" The best slot club for you may be entirely different from what is best for someone else. The features and benefits of each slot club may vary widely.  While some may concentrate on providing you with good future room offers and packages, others may be more willing to provide you with comps and/or cash back for your current play. It's also depends largely on your level of play, (how much money you're willing to risk with the casino) as to the type of benefits you'll receive both on your current visit and future visits as well.  Check with the slot club to see what rewards they offer for your level of play.  If you're playing at a higher level, you can also ask to see a casino host, who can help you receive even greater rewards and benefits. 

Two important suggestions to consider: 1. Try not to spread yourself too thin.  If you're playing on a limited budget and pass through small amounts of cash at each casino, chances are you'll end up with very little. You'd be better off to concentrate your play to two or three casinos at most to achieve greater rewards. Casinos love player loyalty and will really work pretty hard to maintain yours. 2. Don’t continue to play beyond your intended budget or bankroll just to acquire a certain comp or particular benefit. Play at the level you're comfortable with and let the rewards and benefits fall where they may, so that comps truly become an asset for you.  In other words, if your luck at the machines has soured for a time, don't succumb to spending another $500 to get your "free" $10 buffet!

Another way that players can attempt to get an edge in the casinos is to acquire and utilize "fun books."  Basically, a fun book is a booklet or page of coupons that can be used in the casinos to offer players slot bonuses, gifts, table game matchplay certificates, show and dining discounts and just about anything in between.  Not all casinos offer them and their contents may vary widely, but it pays to investigate and see what you can find. Here's where a little homework comes in to play.

Fun books are distributed in various ways even sometimes through your travel agency or charter airlines and packages, or maybe when you sign up for a slot club card. Some require a coupon or voucher to obtain one or you need to be a registered guest of the hotel to get their book. Still others will send or offer you a coupon book when you visit their online websites or write to them individually. Don't be afraid to ask at the registration desks, slot clubs and bell desks. Coupon racks can usually be found all around most casino towns including hotel lobbies, at the airport terminals, car rental offices, tourist information booths and visitor centers. 

Still another method to gain an advantage in the casinos is to work the promotions and earn extra benefits from your slot clubs. Almost all of the casinos have something special going on every month, from drawings to scratch cards, or jackpot bonuses and multiple point days, and more. 

Again, check for details at each casino prior to playing to see what they might be offering.  Also, check the daily newspapers for ads or coupons when you visit and be sure to visit my weekly on the American Casino Guide web site at http://americancasinoguide.com/Promotions/VEGAS-VALUES.shtml where I give details on the best current promotions in Las Vegas.

H. Scot Krause is a freelance writer, gaming industry analyst and researcher, originally from Cleveland,Ohio, who is now a resident of Las Vegas .