Claims of Illegal Dice has Investigators looking at Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City

By Raymond
Published June 7, 2023

An ongoing dispute has finally gained federal attention as a New York judge calls on gambling regulators in New Jersey to investigate the use of unfair dice at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. 

According to documents, the complaint came from Wayne Chan, a player that lost nearly $470,000 at the Golden Nugget Hotel, Casino, and Marina in 2018 and 2019. 

The New York judge called on the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to investigate the matter and ensure the dice in use follow the regulations set out by the state. 

Golden Nugget Casino Sued for Unfair Dice at Craps Table 

In September 2021, Chan filed a lawsuit against the well-known land-based casino. However, a Newark court found the claims untrue and sided with Golden Nugget Casino instead, but Chan’s attorneys filed an appeal. 

In April 2023, Chan’s attorneys presented the case in a New York court where a federal judge gave the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement six months to resolve the matter. 

The Accusations Against Golden Nugget Casino, Hotel, and Marina Atlantic City

According to the gambling regulations in New Jersey, dice can only have dots (representing numbers), the casino’s name, and a serial number. The dice also have to prove that it’s not affected by weights of any type by being completely transparent. 

According to Chan, the dice at the Golden Nugget Casino Craps table did not follow these regulations. He claims the dice were non-transparent and labeled with a table number. 

Additional Details of the Lawsuit 

According to Chan, he recognized the suspicious dice and mentioned his concern to Golden Nugget staff. 

A Golden Nugget lawyer wrote to Chan’s attorney on 13 January 2020, addressing the matter and claiming that the industry recognizes the “scribbling” on the dice and that regulatory agencies are well aware of the practice. 

In the same letter, the Golden Nugget lawyer also inquired about the $200,000 Chan owned the casino. The collection efforts continued until 24 September 2021, when Chan filed a lawsuit against the casino. 

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