How Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey Online Casinos Compare in 2023 Revenue

By Raymond
Published July 17, 2023

Interesting trends appear in comparing the three biggest online casino states in America. Most would assume New Jersey is the biggest, having legalized online casinos first in 2013. However, comparing the revenue states collected in 2023, a completely different layout forms. 

Articles Notes: 

  • When Online Casinos Became Legal in NJ, PA, and MI 
  • Revenue Collected in 2023 for Each State 

Online casinos are illegal in America, but not on the federal level, which allows individual states to choose. New Jersey was the first to legalize online casinos in 2013 for ten years. In 2023, a new bill extended the period only by five years. 

Four years later, in 2017, Pennsylvania became the second state to provide legal online casinos. Followed by Delaware in 2018 and West Virginia early the next year. It wasn’t until the end of 2019 that Michigan joined the online industry with a collection of online casinos. 

Revenue Collected in Each State 

The biggest online casinos states in America include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan. These states provide a broad range of online casinos, exceeding those focusing only on tribal and online casino partners. 

MonthNJ RevenuePA RevenueMI Revenue
May 2023$161,411,924$170,390,947$150,559,370
April 2023$158,936,991$167,267,761$159,360,429
March 2023$165,711,825$181,528,950$171,830,721
Feb 2023$142,592,966$162,310,430$148,168,863
Jan 2023$152,866,817$160,341,330$153,694,393

Based on the revenue figures in the above table, it’s quite clear to see Pennsylvania collects the most revenue of the three biggest online casino states, even though it wasn’t first to legalize iGaming. Michigan is a fairy close second, growing at a similar pace while New Jersey appears in third, but also not far behind.

As the table shows, each of the above casinos Had their best 2023 month in March where each of the states sets its current record.

We can also see that February 2023 was a slower month for each state, having only 28 days, which is entirely expected.

While PA casinos are fair ahead, Michigan and New Jersey have very similar numbers in terms of revenue. Other than May 2023, Michigan is ahead of NJ casinos, collecting slightly more in four of the five months, despite being the the newest of the three states to legalize online casinos.

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Following the revenue trends for each of the legalized states in America reveals interesting factors about the market and how various external factors play a role. The online casino industry is growing incredibly fast and catching up with land-based casino revenue rapidly.