Online Casino Revenue in Pennsylvania Sets the Second Highest Record in April 2023

By Raymond
Published May 25, 2023
Online Casino Revenue Pennsylvania April 2023

Similar to online casinos in New Jersey, the Keystone State managed to win an astonishing $167.2 million in revenue for April 2023, officially setting its second-highest record. 

  • An Increase of Revenue since 2021
  • A Revenue Trend Forming in Pennsylvania 
  • Revenue Predictions for May 2023 in Pennsylvania

The second-highest win follows the current record of $181.5 million for March 2023, and even though it’s a decline of over $14 million, it’s an impressive 21.2% higher based on year-on-year figures. 

Considering the revenue from April 2021 and 2022, it’s impressive to see the rate at which online gambling is growing in Pennsylvania. 

April Revenue$105,471,416$137,982,938$167,267,761
Increase + $49,747,801+ $32,511,522+ $29,284,823

The table above shows that online casinos generated $105.5 million in April 2021, followed by $138 million in April 2022, which reveals a yearly increase of $32.5 million. 

In 2023 – generating a total of $167.2 million – we see another increase of nearly $30 million compared to last year. 

It’s worth noting that the pandemic gave online casinos a significant boost during 2021, considering that in 2020 the same month’s revenue accumulated to just $55.7 million. 

A Revenue Trend Forming in Pennsylvania

When we compare the revenue figures since 2021, a trend appears where March sets record-breaking numbers after a lower February, followed by a slightly lower April. 

May$113,770,084$136,752,806$ ?

In the above table, it’s clear that March generated the highest totals of each year, commonly resulting in new records as seen in 2023. It’s also evident that April presents an amount considerably higher than February in each year.

Based on the table, May seems to be the only month that doesn’t quite follow the trend. In 2021 revenue reached a higher amount than in April, but the same can’t be said for 2022. However, dating back to 2020, we see a similar increase as with 2021.

Revenue Predictions for May 2023

Based on the revenue data from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, we can assume May 2023 would result in higher revenue totals compared to April. Even if 2023 produces similar results as in 2022, it would result in the third-highest revenue total month for online casinos in Pennsylvania.

Our predictions for May 2023 suggest that online casinos in PA would generate revenue ranging from $165 million up to $180 million. It’s unlikely to beat the current record, based on the data from previous years.

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