Jungle Jim El Dorado
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Jungle Jim El Dorado

Provider: Microgaming
Jim, Jim, Jim of the Jungle, Score Big with that Spin!

He might not swing on trees or have wild animals as friends, but Jungle Jim is on the hunt for the rarest, most valuable spins, and ready to risk everything for it. The Jungle Jim El Dorado slot review is your map to treasured features and learning the way of the jungle!


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Jungle Jim El Dorado Review

Featuring the popular rolling reels feature, multipliers, and free spins that enhances it all, the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot from Microgaming remains a popular choice for players worldwide. Join us and explore the impressive theme, the wilds, multipliers, and those remarkable free spins as we dive into the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot review.

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot Review – A Great Combination of Wins and Free Spins

The world-renowned game provider, Microgaming, is behind the development of the Jungle Jim El Dorado online slot, setting our minds at least for a fair and reliable game, especially with an RTP exceeding 96%

The slot has various features, which we look at in more detail later in this Jungle Jim El Dorado slot review. Usually with feature-rich slots, standard game winnings either disappoint or the features take forever to activate, but in our experience, the same can’t be said about this Microgaming creation. 

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot

The medium volatility and impressive RTP percentage affect both the standard game and features, which is brilliant! It means you won’t sit around waiting for something to happen, but can rather enjoy a balance game with increasing multipliers, wilds, free spins, and regular combinations. 

What I checked in Jungle Jim El Dorado

The Jungle Jim online slot includes some unique features that are bound to be an advantage. To best explain the features and now they work, we’ll use the same layout and details as with our other slot reviews

More Details about Jungle Jim El Dorado

General Dertails
Slot typeVideo SlotNumber of rows3

At the time of launching in 2016, the cascading reels with multipliers were a new feature that delivers incredible winnings as combinations activate consecutively. While it might not be a new feature anymore, it’s still the wow-factor of any slot with the benefit. 

Combined with 25 paylines and medium volatility, combinations appear often, increasing the multipliers for bigger wins each time a combination triggers and the symbols fall away to make space for more possible wins. 

A Look at the Jungle Jim El Dorado Game and Bonus Features

BASE GAME FEATURES3Wilds, Cascading Reels, Multipliers

Base Game Features that Work Together for Bigger Wins

Surprisingly, most of the winnings occur during the base game as a reaction triggers with every combination, thanks to cascading reels. The addition of wilds is a great benefit as they represent anything on the reels, other than those scatters, of course. The more combinations trigger consecutively, the higher the base game multipliers go, which means bigger wins. 

Cascading Reels and Multipliers 

Cascading reels – or rolling reels as referred to by Microgaming – is the main feature of the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot. Activating with every winning combination, the feature removes the winning combination from the reels – after paying, of course – and refills the empty spaces with symbols dropping down from above.

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot Rolling Reels and Multipliers

Increasing multipliers forms part of the rolling reels feature, increasing with every consecutive combination. The multiplier bar above the reels shows the current multiplier, starting from 1x for the first win and increases up to 5x with five consecutive combinations. Should more than five combinations activate, all the payouts are multiplied by 5x. The feature only resets once a non-winning spin follows. 

No Need for a Bonus Buy Feature when it Part of the Main Slot

As mentioned earlier in the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot review, the rolling reels and multipliers represent the primary benefit in the game, which is available in the base game and free spins. Thus, there’s no need for a bonus buy feature and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits with just standard spins. 

Who Needs Hold and Win with Multipliers?

Few features can compare with locking in those high paying symbols as seen with hold and win slots. However, the rolling reels and multipliers are a great match, especially since you can trigger higher multipliers consecutively, which increase up to 15x during free spins, let’s check it out. 

Scatters Lead to Free Spins with Bigger Multipliers

The base game features are highly impressive, and it becomes even better when the free spins bonus activates. You’ll require three of the special keys on the first three reels to activate the feature, which also includes a scatter win of 5x the current total bet per spin. 

Score 10 Free Spins with up to 15x Multipliers

Once the free spins feature activates, you’ll receive 10 spins and will certainly notice that the multiplier bar provides much higher values. The standard multiplier starts at 3x and increases to 6x, 9x, 12x, and a massive 15x when you get consecutive combinations. 

Jungle Jim El Dorado slot free spins feature

In our experience, the free spins feature delivered impressive combinations, even with just the regular 3x multiplier. Getting up to 15x is no easy task, but it happens from time to time, delivering incredibly big wins, even with the lowest paying symbols. 

Innovative Special Features in Jungle Jim El Dorado

Special Features
Autoplay option👍 
Change the speed👎
Mute the sound👍
Adjustable bet size👍

Microgaming doesn’t disappoint with betting and game options. In the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot, you’ll find the layout features all the game options on the right, including the spin button in the middle. Above it, the autoplay feature is easily accessible with various settings and spins to choose from, followed by the menu button for the pay table and sound. 

Below the spin button, you can choose various betting values by simply dragging the slide bar or clicking on one of the preset amounts. Betting starts from $0.50 up to $25.00 as the maximum bet. A higher wager doesn’t increase your chances of winning, but rather increases the amount you receive and wager, so play responsibly and enjoy the slot. 

The Theme and Design of Jungle Jim El Dorado

Calling on all the adventure seekers and Indiana Jones fans, the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot introduces a new adventure where players can explore a whole new way to discovering big treasures. The talented design team at Microgaming combined the slot with impressive graphics, bringing the character and symbols to life with each winning spin. 

Jungle Jim El Dorado slot Graphics and Theme

3D Animations Bring the Slot to Life

As the slot appears on your screen, you’ll get to meet Jungle Jim, the adventure seeker of the slot world. His 3D animated character joins the spinning action to help you find treasures and make the most of those multipliers. The high-quality graphics is a brilliant addition to the slot, especially as game symbols explode with the rolling reels feature. 

Unexpected Sound Effects 

Certainly an experience with high-quality headphones as the sound of nature lets you slip away to the jungle with various birds in the distant background. A tap on the spin button introduces the sound of drums and other musical instruments from the natives. Of course, some additional sound effects come from Jungle Jim himself as he takes a slip of water or slaps the annoying mosquito.  

Who Created Jungle Jim El Dorado?

As we’ve mentioned previously in the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot review, the creative team at Microgaming are responsible for the development of the slot. Microgaming is an incredibly well-known game provider, not only at American online casinos, but internationally as well. Established in 1994, Microgaming was the first to provide games at an online casino. 

Some of the Must-Play Microgaming Slots 

Apart from the world-record holding progressive jackpot slots, Microgaming created a wide range of brilliant games that you simply cannot miss out on. While there are hundreds to choose from, we’ve always had a soft spot for these. 

Conclusion – Is Jungle Jim El Dorado better than the others?

There are many wonderful features in the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot that’s bound to entertain you for hours. The features are continuous along with the animations that bring the slot to life. 

It’s a tricky slot to compare to others as the theme and design is so unique. However, the rolling reels – or cascading reels with other providers – has become a popular feature, which you’ll find in other slots as well.