Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

Claim Low Wagering Casino Bonuses for Better Fairness

Casino bonuses with low wagering requirements make it easier to convert the bonus into real money, meaning better fairness. However, it’s important to know what to look for, how a low wagering bonus works, and where to find them. In our low wagering casino bonus guide, we’ll walk you through the benefits, risks, and common terms and conditions

Best Low Wagering Casino Bonus Offers in America

Licensed online casinos in the States impress with fair terms and conditions on most bonuses. However, some are still better than others, especially when you look at the finer details of the terms and conditions. As per usual, the wagering requirements are the most important, and the lower they are, the better!

CasinoCurrent OfferWagering Requirements
Wheel of Fortune CasinoUp to $40 Match Bonus 5x
Play Live CasinoUp to $600 Match Bonus + 25 Free Spins10x
Harrah’s CasinoUp to $100 Match Bonus + 120 Free Spins10x
BetRiversUp to $500 Match Bonus10x
DraftKingsUp to $2,000 Match Bonus15x
Caesars Palace Online CasinoUp to $2,000 Match Bonus + 10 No Deposit Free Spins15x
PartyCasinoUp to $1,000 Match Bonus + 25 Free Spins15x
BetMGMUp to $1,000 Match Bonus + $25 No Deposit15x
Borgata OnlineUp to $1,000 Match Bonus + $20 No Deposit15x

What is a Low Wagering Casino Bonus?

Wagering requirements represent the number of times you need to wager the bonus value before it becomes real money. Higher wagering requirements mean it is more difficult to convert the bonus, which is why it’s worth looking for casino bonuses with low wagering or even no wagering requirements

Are Low Wagering Casino Bonuses legal in America?

Not only is it legal, but preferred by regulators as it ensures a higher fairness standard. With that said, it’s important to remember that online casinos are not legal in all American states. Therefore, low wagering bonuses, games, and anything else to do with online gambling is illegal in states other than: 

Online casinos in these states follow strict rules and regulations specified by their own regulatory bodies such as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Auditors such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs perform random audits, ensuring the highest gaming standards, fairness, and responsible gambling

How do Low Wagering Casino Bonuses Work?

As with any online casino bonus (except no wagering bonuses), wagering requirements form part of the terms and conditions. Low wagering bonuses are no different, but the key benefit is lower wagering. Let’s use an example of a $100 bonus with 30x wagering and 10x wagering: 

To calculate wagering requirements, take the bonus value and multiply it by the wagering requirements. The result represents how much you need to wager on casino games to convert the bonus into real money. 

$100 x 30 Wagering Requirements = $3,000 

$100 x 10x Wagering Requirements = $1,000 

Of course, some of our recommended low wagering casino bonuses provide requirements as low as 1x, which makes it incredibly easy to convert the bonus into real money. Before you jump at the next low wagering bonus, let’s take a look at the finer details below. 

Can I actually Win Money with Low Wagering Casino Bonuses?

Unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions, once you’ve completed the wagering requirements of a bonus, the cash becomes real money, which you can withdraw. Therefore, yes, it’s possible to win real money with a low wagering bonus. In fact, your odds of completing the requirements are greater with low wagering bonuses. 

Why do Casinos offer this sort of Bonus?

Casino bonuses are a great benefit to present to new potential players, it increases your balance and lets you play more; who wouldn’t want that? While some choose to make it harder to convert the bonus into real money, others strive to provide a higher fairness level, which is even more attractive. 

Online casinos in America follow strict responsible gambling regulations, which aim to help players from overspending and developing unhealthy habits. With lower bonus wagering requirements, players are less likely to spend more while trying to reach unrealistic requirements to convert a bonus into real money. 

Low Wagering Bonuses

Why take a Low Wagering Casino Bonus?

Deciding if a low wagering casino bonus is the right option for you is quite easy. There are multiple offers to choose from, each presenting a unique variety of benefits such as higher match bonuses, no-deposit offers, and even free spins. Here are some of the other key points as to why you should consider a low wagering casino bonus. 

  • Convert Bonuses Easier 

While lower wagering requirements don’t increase your chance of winning, they do make it easier to convert a casino bonus into real money. As explained earlier in our low wagering bonus guide, lower wagering requirements mean that you need to wager less to convert the bonus into real money. 

  • Same Benefits as Regular Bonuses 

Casinos are known for decreasing the bonus value with offers such as no wagering bonuses since it rewards real money. However, with low wagering bonuses, we rarely see a lower offer, which means you get the same impressive match bonus, free spins, and other benefits, but with lower requirements. 

  • Combined with Other Fair Terms and Conditions 

Online casinos offering low wagering bonuses typically strive for a better fairness level overall. Therefore, it’s uncommon to find other terms and conditions that might be a disadvantage, such as win limits, lower contribution percentages, or withdrawal restrictions. Of course, it’s recommended to read the Ts and Cs and understand the bonus completely. 

Low Wagering Casino Bonus vs. Other Bonuses

VS.Higher Bonus ValueAvailable to New PlayersActivates with Low DepositsRequires a Deposit to Activate
Low Wagering Casino Bonus
No Wagering Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
No Deposit Bonus

How to use a Low Wagering Casino Bonus?

We recommend using our online casino bonus guide, which explains how wagering requirements, game contribution percentages, and other terms and conditions work. Once you’ve used the guide, you’ll find low wagering bonuses are exactly the same as all offers but have the benefit of better fairness. 

How to claim a Low Wagering Casino Bonus?

Depending on the type of low wagering bonus, claiming it is usually straightforward. You’ll need to make a deposit with one of the payment methods at the casino and might need to enter a special bonus code. However, it’s all explained in the terms and conditions at the casino. 

To claim a low wagering casino bonus, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Low Wagering Bonus 
  2. Register your Account 
  3. View the Bonus Terms and Conditions
  4. Follow the Steps and Make a Deposit 
  5. Receive the Bonus Instantly and Enjoy Casino Games 

How do you withdraw wins with a low wagering casino bonus?

As with claiming a low wagering bonus, the withdrawal process is similar to standard offers as well. Since you’re a new player at the casino, it’s important to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which usually requires your identification, proof of address, and social security number at some casinos. 

By law, the casino cannot process withdrawals without the verification process, but you only need to provide these documents once. Thereafter, to withdraw, the wagering requirements need to be met, which is usually shown in your account, making it easy to keep track of. 

With KYC and wagering complete, you should have no hassles processing your withdrawal. We highly recommend fast withdrawal casinos as it speeds up the process and gets the cash to your account much faster!

Types of Low Wagering Casino Bonus

Since the only difference between regular and low wagering bonuses is the amount you need to play through, it’s possible to get a lower wager with various offers. Knowing the different types makes it easier to find the bonus that best matches your gaming style. 

Free spins Low Wagering Bonus

free spins bonus american online casinos.png

Getting to play the latest and most popular slots for free and keep the winnings is exciting all by itself. Combined with low wagering requirements, free spins simply become one of the best offers for slot players. The lowered wagering requirements apply to the winnings triggered from the free spins, making it a great benefit if you manage to trigger those big wins. 

Low Wagering No Deposit Bonus

Receiving a bonus simply for registering an account is a great way to check out the games, see how the bonuses work, and put the wagering requirements to the test. Having a no deposit bonus with low wagering makes the entire process more enjoyable, as no game restrictions apply once you’ve completed it.

No-Deposit-Bonus american online casinos

Low Wagering Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Some casinos combine both the above offers into one with no deposit free spins, which are combined with low wagering requirements. Enjoy the latest slots for free, keep the winnings, and convert them into real money without any commitment in the form of a deposit. What could be better?

Deposit Bonus Low Wagering

Once you’re ready to make a deposit, you’ll find a range of impressive bonus offers, most of which are winning to double your deposit amount with bonus cash. Since the bonus amount is higher, having low wagering requirements is crucial as it means you’ll need to wager less to complete the requirements. 

Low Wagering Welcome Bonus 

Welcome-Bonus-usa online casino

Commonly featuring bonus cash and free spins into one powerful package, welcome bonuses are great for new first-time depositing players, especially with low wagering requirements. Some of these packages provide multiple deposit bonuses, allowing you to enjoy extra cash with your first three or four deposits. 

Low Wagering Reload Bonus

Once you’re a member of the casino and have used the welcome bonus, it’s only natural to desire the same low-wagering benefits with all bonuses. It’s exactly where low-wagering reload bonuses come in, as you’ll get the bonus money but still convert it into real money more easily. 

Reload-Bonus us casino bonuses

Low Wagering Casino Bonus vs Wagering Casino Bonus

Compared to just about any other bonus type, low wagering certainly represents a “sweet spot.” Yes, there are still wagering requirements, which lock your bonus, but at least you’ll still receive a sizable offer. However, consider all the main pros to determine if this bonus type is what you’ve been looking for:

Low Wagering Casino BonusStandard Wagering Bonus
Better Fairness 
Complete Wagering Faster 
Bonuses of Various Sizes
Multiple Bonus Variations 
Available at Many US Online Casinos
Bigger Bonuses
Available at All US Online Casinos 
Wide Bonus Variety

5 Important Tips to know before claiming a Low Wagering Casino Bonus

Understanding the benefits and risks of low wagering bonuses is the most important, especially since it enables you to analyze offers and make the best-educated decisions. When choosing a low wagering bonus, use the following five tips to ensure you have all the required information. 

1. Read Terms and Conditions – even the small letters!

Reading the terms and conditions might seem quite obvious by now, but it’s important to read all of it, even the fine print. Luckily, licensed online casinos in America tend to make the details easily accessible and explain the info well. However, read through it carefully and ensure it meets the requirements of the bonus you’re looking for. 

The most important Ts and Cs include:

  • Wagering Requirements 

Find and compare the wagering requirements to other casinos with similar bonuses. It’s the best way to find the best deal. 

  • Consider Win Limits 

While it’s not very common, be on the lookout for any limits that might stop you from withdrawing winnings or using the bonus to its full potential. 

  • How Long Can you Wager

Some casinos offer the most impressive bonuses but only allow you to use the funds for a few days. Wagering takes time, even with low wagering bonuses, so ensure that the casino gives you enough time to play through the bonus amount. 

  • Ability to Play your Favorites?

Game limits are incredibly common with casino bonuses, but most would allow you to enjoy all the slots and most table games with unique contribution percentages. While reading the Ts and Cs of a bonus, ensure it doesn’t specifically exclude the type of game you’re hoping to play with the bonus. 

  • Do your Favorite Games Contribute 100% Towards Wagering?

Game contribution percentages are another important factor to consider when calculating how long a bonus will take to wager. With most bonuses, the casino contributes 100% of the bet when playing standard slots. Games such as live dealer and Video Poker would most likely contribute a lot less, such as 20% or lower. 

2. Check wagering requirements

There’s no point in claiming a low wagering bonus if the wagering requirements aren’t actually low. It’s the most important factor with any bonus as it determines how much you need to play to convert the bonus amount. 

While the requirements themselves are important, also check that it only applies to the bonus amount and does not include the deposit as well. If it includes the deposit, the requirements should be much lower, such as 10x or less. 

3. Don’t forget that real funds are used before bonus funds

Your deposit is real money and should not have any terms and conditions or limitations linked to it, which means you can wager any amount, play any games, and use it as you’d like. It’s important to remember that your real account balance is used before the bonus value. Manage your bankroll accordingly and try to follow the betting limits of the bonus, as you can still contribute towards it, even with real money. 

Look out for location restrictions

The legal online casinos states don’t all feature the same online casinos and even those that offer the same brand might not feature the same promotions. Before claiming a bonus, ensure it’s available in your state, which is explained in the terms and conditions of the bonus. 

5. Check bet sizes

While wagering a casino bonus, contribution bets are limited. You’re allowed to wager any amount, but only the limit would contribute towards wagering. Luckily, these limits tend to be within reason for most players, usually around $5 to $10 per round. 

Solutions to common issues

Though it’s quite uncommon, you might have some unexpected issues while claiming your bonus. However, it’s not cause for concern as the solution is usually quite straightforward. 

  • The Bonus Didn’t Activate

You might make a deposit and not see the bonus in your account instantly. Sometimes you simply need to refresh the page or close the casino and log in again. If you forgot to enter the promo code, or the bonus still isn’t there after a while, contact support to assist. 

  • Can’t Withdraw the Winnings

Not being able to withdraw could be for various reasons. Start with the bonus and the wagering requirements, did you complete them? If you have, you might need to provide the casino with documents to verify your account. Remember, the casino cannot process the withdrawal without completing the KYC (Know your Customer) process. 

  • My Bonus Disappeared

If your bonus just disappeared, it could be due to an error, but the more likely scenario is that it expired. The terms and conditions of the bonus would tell you how long the bonus remains valid for, and you need to wager it before the expiry date. 

If you complete the wagering requirements, the bonus amount will be removed from your bonus account and added to your real money account. 

Convert your Bonus Faster with Low Wagering 

It’s clear that low wagering bonuses should be considered above all other bonus types, except those no wagering bonuses, of course. However, to get a decent bonus value and still have the benefit of converting it into cash faster, low wagering is the answer. 

Remember to read the terms and conditions of the bonus at the casino, which would be the most accurate and updated. Other than that, be sure to play responsibly and keep track of your spending. Don’t overspend just to convert the bonus into real money faster. Instead, play for entertainment and enjoy the best online slots, live games, and more at top-rated online casinos in America. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, low wagering bonuses are preferred by online casinos in America for their higher fairness ratings. Wagering requirements as low as 1x are common with the biggest online brands, making it easier to complete the bonus and convert it into real money.
Wagering requirements indicated in casino terms and conditions as a number with an ‘x’, example 10x. If you get a bonus of $100 with 10x wagering requirements, you would need to play through $1,000 in wagers before you can withdraw your bonus winnings.
The best way to find fair bonuses is to use a bonus guide and understand what the terms and conditions mean. Making educated decisions is the best way to find offers that match your needs and provide fair Ts and Cs.
Several online casinos offer low wagering no deposit bonuses upon signup. Be sure to check the bonus terms and conditions before opting into it for all the details on this.
The most important factor for fairness is playing at a licensed online casino. These regulated casinos offer a better level of gaming fairness and low wagering requirements with bonuses.
The wagering requirement number is multiplied by the bonus value to determine how much you need to bet on games to convert the bonus into real money. Therefore, low wagering bonuses are preferred since you need to play a lot less to receive a real money bonus.