A State Strongly Against Online Gambling
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Idaho is one of the strictest anti-gambling states in the US. Even though there are land-based casinos, it's one of the few that have not legalized any online gambling. However, there are still legal ways to play your favorite casino games, which we explore in our Idaho online casinos guide.

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Top Guide to Online Casinos in Idaho

Dating back to the Old West, Idaho was an incredibly popular gambling destination during the Gold Rush. In addition to the gamble of traveling far distances in hopes of finding gold, many would also participate in other forms of gambling, hoping to claim fortune in more ways than one.

Those familiar with the current status in Idaho will know things have drastically changed to a point where very few forms of gambling are available. The Gem state is among the strictest and most against just about all forms of gambling, other than the popular state lottery, pari-mutuel betting, and a limited range of land-based casino games.

In our detailed guide to Idaho online casinos, we’ll explore the current gambling laws and point out how to play online legally. While real money online casinos in Idaho are illegal, other forms of online play, including Sweepstake online casinos, are allowed.

Are Online Casinos in Idaho Legal?

Online casinos in Idaho are illegal, including offshore ones catering to the market, irrespective of the law.

While joining offshore online casinos in Idaho is possible, remember that they avoid the law, which means they are not regulated. Since they are already providing illegal gambling, who’s to say these casinos would provide fair gaming or honor your withdrawal request?

If you’re caught gambling online in Idaho for real money, you could face punishment of up to six months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. Traveling to other states where the best online casinos are available legally is much safer and cheaper.

What is Legal in Idaho Casinos?

If you’re interested in gambling in Idaho, your options are limited to tribal casinos, pari-mutuel betting, bingo, raffles, and the state lottery.

These forms of gambling are heavily regulated and monitored for security and to ensure they follow the law. Only residents and state visitors 21 and over are permitted to gamble.

When will Idaho Legalize Online Casinos?

No form of online gambling is legal in Idaho, including online casinos, sports betting, Poker, and Daily Fantasy sports. Therefore, it’s unlikely for the state to make any drastic changes to legalize online casinos in Idaho anytime soon.

Brief Gambling History in Idaho

Idaho has not been friendly toward gambling. In this way, it sticks out a bit from former-frontier states – and, indeed, from its neighbor, Nevada.

As the following dates depict, gambling in Idaho was never preferred, which remains the same. Considering the slow history over the last 70+ years, it’s clear that no major changes are lined up for Idaho, and even if things were to change, it would take a while.

  • 1949:  Table games Banned in Boise
  • 1953:  Slots made illegal
  • 1963:  Horse racing legalized at designated racetracks and some fairs
  • 1989:  State lottery begins
  • 1993:  Charitable bingo made lawful
  • 2013:  Pari-mutuel betting on major horseraces legalized

Sweepstake Online Casinos in Idaho

Sweepstake online casinos in Idaho provide all the best casino games, including live dealer games, without using real money directly. Instead, you’ll play with the site currency and can claim Sweepstake rewards, which you can use to redeem real money prizes.

Since there is no direct real money gambling, Sweepstake online casinos in Idaho are perfectly legal. You can enjoy the games, play your favorite slots, and claim the rewards by redeeming your sweeps.

Multiple Sweepstake online casinos in Idaho provide brilliant welcome bonuses without having to spend any money.

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Rush GamesVC$500

In which States are Online Casinos Legal?

The first legal online site with casino games launched in 2013 in New Jersey. Since then, multiple other states in the East of America have legalized online play, competing with each other. There are loads of brilliant online casinos available, but none are accessible in Idaho.

Closest State with Legal Online Casinos from Idaho

In Idaho, you’re far from any states with legal online casinos. Not even Nevada provides any online casinos, so you’ll need to plan a trip to one of the states mentioned above. Michigan would be the closest state with online casinos from Idaho, a nearly 2,000-mile drive.

Land-Based Casinos in Idaho

Idaho has a number of so-called casinos, but most of these are not-so-glorified truck stops. (So leave your heels and tuxedos at home!)

All Idaho casinos are in somewhat remote areas, and no casinos exist in Boise or in Falls. However, three Idaho casinos are within a 60-mile drive south of that major city.

Four of the casinos in Idaho offer hotel lodging, while the other three only offer casino gambling.

The Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort, in Worley, is the largest Idaho casino. It has a 300-room hotel, a spa, seven restaurants, and an 18-hole golf course, as well as a 100,000 square-foot casino.

The next largest casino in Idaho is the Fort Hall Casino, located in the state’s southeast corner, about 50 miles south of Idaho Falls. They have a 156-room hotel, four restaurants, a casino with over 900 video gaming machines, plus a bingo hall that operates five nights a week (Wednesday through Saturday).

A State that’s Sure to Be Among the Last to Legalize Online Casinos

It’s best not to hold your breath in hopes that Idaho online casinos will become legal anytime soon. The state is very against just about all forms of gambling and doesn’t seem to have any intentions of changing that soon.

Luckily, Sweepstake online casinos in Idaho are available and genuinely impress with gaming quality and features. Sure, it’s not direct real money play, but the tournaments, races, and other leaderboards are a unique twist to claiming those sweeps.

Frequently asked questions

No, Idaho does not permit or regulate any online gambling, including online casinos, sports betting, and daily fantasy sports.
Offshore online casinos provide gaming services from outside America. Since they avoid the law, there's no way you can trust their gaming fairness, security, and honorability with payments.
You'll be able to access online casinos in other states with a VPN, but it goes against the casino's rules and regulations, which require players to be in the state at the time of gambling.
Yes, Sweepstake Online Casinos in Idaho are legal since no real money is used to play the games. Instead, you can redeem sweeps for cash prizes.
Yes, you're allowed to register an account with online casinos in other states, claim bonuses, and make deposits prior to your visit to that state.
Idaho online casinos could still be very far away as the state shows no interest to legalize any form of online gambling.