North Carolina Steps into Online Gambling

By Raymond
Published February 23, 2024
Player making mobile bets in North Carolina - ACG

Located near multiple states with legal online casinos, North Carolina is feeling the pressure to make changes or lose out on revenue as residents travel to access online gambling.

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On 11 June 2023, House Bill 347 was signed into law, legalizing online sports betting in North California. The bill signed by Governor Roy Cooper will make online sports betting legal starting 11 March 2024 for anyone 21+ in the state.

After over 35 states legalized betting, North Carolina is one of the latest to join the online betting platform, legalizing multiple popular betting sites such as Fanduel. Some are shocked that it took so long to legalize online betting, including state Senator, Tim Houlahan who said:

“I think it’s kind of ridiculous that it’s taken so long for it to go in,” Houlahan said. “There’s plenty of other things that are more dangerous that are legal countrywide than this.”

However, North Carolina was a late arriver with in-person betting, which only became legal in 2019. According to Bill Squadron, the choice to wait was a smart one, and commented:

“The state acted very prudently. This is a very new area for the country as a whole, and it was wise to take their time and learn from what was happening in other states and to think carefully about the best rules and regulations and tax rates and other requirements to put in place,”

Are Online Casinos Expected in North Carolina Soon?

Multiple betting platforms launching on 11 March 2023 also provide some of the best online casinos in America. However, since online casinos are not legal in North Carolina, bettors can only access the betting platform.

However, despite no plans are currently in the works to legalize online casinos, North Carolina is bound to consider the addition soon. Located near multiple states that offer legal online casinos, it would be a wise move to ensure gambling revenue remains in the state.

The closest state to North Carolina with legal online casinos is West Virginia, a drive of less than five hours. Other states in the east are also feeling the pressure to legalize online casinos, some of which are much closer to NC. Other legal states include:

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