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The Emerald Princess Casino Cruise Ship is the only form of gambling allowed for Georgia residents, and the state has no plans to legalize other forms of casino games anytime soon. However, sweepstake casinos are allowed, and they might just be the ideal gaming opportunity.

Best online casinos in Georgia

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Popular slots in Georgia

Top Guide to the Georgia Online Casinos

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Georgia isn’t necessarily strict with gambling laws, but lawmakers can’t seem to agree on how to proceed. Since 2017, multiple bills have been introduced, not just for casinos but sports betting and poker, which don’t advance or fail to gain enough support from the committee. Considering bills from the last five years, none have been declined but rather forgotten

While the best online casinos in other states could deliver the ideal gaming opportunity to Georgia residents, the state shows no intention of legalizing real money play anytime soon. That said, there are still ways to enjoy the latest games, which we’ll tell you more about in our Georgia online casino guide.  

Are Online Casinos Legal in Georgia?

Online casinos in Georgia are illegal, and there are no indications that this will change anytime soon. Unlike New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Georgia does not have any land-based casinos for online brands to partner with and also doesn’t have any tribal casinos. 

The only legal Georgia online casinos are Sweepstakes, also known as social casinos, which don’t offer real money play, but you can claim prizes and gifts. 

What is legal in Georgia Casinos?

​​There is no legalized casino gambling in Georgia and, therefore, there are no land-based casinos in Georgia

If you want to gamble at a casino in Georgia, you must take a cruise. The Emerald Princess Casino is a four-deck cruise ship offering the same amenities as a brick-and-mortar, including a cash bar. The casino cruise sails out on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Brief Gambling History in Georgia

Georgia was founded in 1788, and in the early 1800s, gambling was accepted and thrived in the state. It wasn’t until the 1870s that gambling laws started to be introduced. By the 1900s, most forms of gambling had been prohibited in the state. 

From the 70s to the 90s, the state started to warm up to gambling again. Bingo and raffles were legalized because the organizers could not receive any money or benefits from the draws. The lottery was also welcomed back to GA. 

Slot machines and video poker were deemed illegal in the early 2000s. Several casino operations were proposed, including using the money made at a brick-and-mortar establishment towards an educational program for the state. All of the proposals were turned down

The most recent news is the proposed bill to legalize daily fantasy sports in GA. The bill was first introduced in 2018, but so far, has had nothing come out of it yet. 

Best Social Casinos to Play in Georgia

Sweepstake Online Casinos in Georgia Banner - ACG

Currently, the best and only legal online casinos in Georgia are sweepstakes, which don’t provide real money play. Before you run off to a state where casinos are legal, you’ll be surprised by sweepstake casinos’ gaming quality and rewards, especially since there’s no need to make a deposit. 

Sweepstake social casinos provide various ways to claim prizes and gifts, which commonly provide cash prizes, and you’ll have fun triggering them. Play tournaments, claim the biggest wins, and enjoy the latest slots, live dealer games, and jackpots as you would at online casinos. 

RankCasinoBest Bonus
1.WOW Vegas5000 WOW Coins – Free
2.Pulsz2.3 Sweeps + 5,000 Game Coins – Free
3.High 5 Casino250 Coins, 5 Sweeps, and 600 Diamonds – Free
4.Gambino Slots100,000 Game Coins + 200 Free Spins – Free
5.BetRivers.NetUp to 1,000 Coins – Free

When will Georgia Legalize Online Casinos?

Of all the states in the US, Georgia is one of the least likely to legalize online casinos. The state does not have any land-based or tribal casinos, which means online brands cannot create partnerships. 

Unregulated off-shore casinos may cater to the state but are incredibly risky and problematic. Unreliable security measures, no guaranteed withdrawals, and unfair return-to-player percentages are just some of the main reasons to avoid these casinos. 

In which States are Online Casinos Legal?

Online gambling is legal at a federal level, which allows for individual states to set its own laws around the various aspects of online gambling, including Poker, Sports, and of course, casinos. 

While Georgia online casinos might not be on the cards anytime soon, other states have legalized online gaming since as early as 2012

H3: Closest Legal State to Georgia 

Compared to most other states where online gambling is illegal, Georgia isn’t too far off. The closest legal online casino state to Georgia is West Virginia, which is still a 600-mile drive and would take around 10 hours. 

Luckily, it’s a beautiful drive through South and North Carolina. If you’re keen on the drive to access the best West Virginia online casinos, I’d highly recommend a stop at the North Carolina zoo. 

Land-based Casinos in Georgia 

No land-based casinos are located in Georgia as gambling is completely unregulated and illegal in the state. However, as mentioned earlier in our Georgia online casino guide, there is a Emerald Princess Casino Cruise Ship, which takes players out to international waters to enjoy casino games. 

The ship features 250 slots, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and a range of other casino games, and is available for bookings four times a week. 

  • Thursdays: 19:00 – Midnight 
  • Fridays: 11:00 – 16:00 / 19:00 – Midnight 
  • Saturdays: 11:00 – 16:00 / 19:00 – 01:00
  • Sundays: 13:00 – 18:00 

A State that’s Unlikely to Legalize Online Casinos Soon 

Online casinos in Georgia are years away if the state ever decides to legalize any form of casino gaming. It’s one of the least likely to permit internet play, especially since no land-based casinos are in the state. 

Other than the Emerald Princess Casino Cruise Ship, your best option is to book a weekend away to West Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania to enjoy the best of online casinos there. 

Frequently asked questions

No, online gambling - casinos or betting - is illegal in Georgia.
Since the state does not permit any forms of casino gaming, it's unlikely for online casinos in Georgia to become available anytime soon.
Georgia allows Sweepstake Casinos, which don't require deposits but still deliver brilliant cash prizes, exciting tournaments, and the latest casino games. The best online casinos in Georgia include Wow Vegas, High 5 Casino, and Pulsz.
You'll need to join one of the Sweepstake casinos to play at online casinos in Georgia. Alternatively, you'll need to travel to a state where online casinos are legal or join the weekly Emerald Princess Casino Cruise ship.
No, as with all other real money online casinos in Georgia, BetMGM is Illegal and not permitted in the state.
Off-shore Online Casinos in Georgia are incredibly risky as they are not regulated or licensed in the US. Therefore, the casinos can provide unfair games, might not honor withdrawals, and could have bonuses with unfair terms and conditions.