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An exciting tropical vacation destination that's banned gambling since 1959 and shows no interest in changing their way any time soon. Our Hawaii online casino guide might not feature real money casinos, but we've got some interesting ways to play the latest games, legally!

Best online casinos in Hawaii

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Top Guide to Hawaii Online Casinos

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Currently, all online gambling Hawaii and all forms of in-person gambling, such as slots, table games, and even real money Poker are against the law. The gambling policy of 1959 prohibits any gambling activity and only allows residents and visitors to play Poker, provided no money changes hands. However, with bill SB677, things might be at a turning point.

In our guide to Hawaii online casinos, we look at the laws, the types of online gaming that are legal, and how things could change in the foreseeable future that might introduce the best online casinos.

Are Hawaii Online Casinos Legal?

Real money Hawaii online casinos are illegal and not permitted at all. A strict anti-gambling policy has remained active since the statehood in 1959, which means all types of online gambling in Hawaii remain illegal.

Residents and visitors of the state cannot join any real money online casino Hawaii sites, including offshore casinos that are not regulated in the state. The law does not only apply to Hawaii online casinos, but rather any form of gambling, including betting, casino games, or any other form that includes the exchange of money.

What is Legal in Hawaii Casinos?

Sweepstakes and social casinos are the only legal Hawaii casino sites since there’s no need to deposit, and games do not require real money. A brilliant benefit at Sweepstake online casinos in Hawaii is that you can claim rewards by winning tournaments and challenges, which you can exchange for cash prizes and gifts.

When will Hawaii Online Casinos be Legalized?

Legalizing Hawaii online casinos is unlikely for the foreseeable future, especially since no form of online gambling in Hawaii is currently permitted. Land-based casinos are unavailable, and you can’t bet on sports or pari-mutuel.

The bill SB677 was introduced by Sen. Michelle Kidani and aimed to create the first governing body to regulate online gambling in Hawaii. The bill suggests that funds can be allocated to rural projects, schools, and other areas needing funding. Even though the bill is the easiest way for Hawaii to access the best online casinos, it has yet to gain much of the stateroom’s attention.

Brief Gambling History in Hawaii

Unlike the mainland, the gambling history in Hawaii is quite limited. In 1959 – when the stateroom was established – all forms of gambling became illegal.

Interestingly, ancient Hawaiians practiced various other forms of gambling, dating back to the 19th century. Popular gambling games included Konane and Ulu Maika, strategy board games that combine gambling.

When the Europeans arrived, more forms of gambling became available as they introduced more games. Later in the 1800s, the sugar plantations caused thousands of workers to immigrate to the island, which caused a major spike in gambling activities.

Of course, gambling had multiple negative consequences, causing the government to take drastic steps to outlaw gambling completely.

Best Sweepstake Casinos to Play in Hawaii

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The best Hawaii online gambling sites are currently limited to Sweepstake online casinos, which are completely legal as you don’t have to deposit money, and all games are not played with real money.

The benefit of social online gambling in Hawaii is that you can play real casino games, including live dealer games, and collect sweepstake rewards by winning tournaments, completing challenges, and more.

The best Sweepstake casinos are available on PC or as Hawaii casino apps, which provide easy access to a wide range of games. You can purchase additional coins and sweeps, but it’s an option, and you don’t have to spend money.

RankSocial Hawaii Casino SitesWelcome Bonus
1.Wow Vegas5,000 Wow Coins
2.Pulsz2.3 Sweeps + 5,000 Game Coins
3.High 5 Casino250 Game Coins, 5 Sweeps, 600 Diamonds
4.Gambino Slots100,000 Game Coins
5.Rush Games500 VS$ Bonus

In Which States Is Online Casino Legal?

Multiple states in America enjoy the benefits of legal online casinos, offering a wide range of brilliant games and bonuses. The first state to launch regulated casino sites is New Jersey, but the first to legalize online play is Delaware, but they didn’t launch sites until 2017. Since then, more states joined, currently at six, and Rhode Island will become the seventh in 2024.

Closest Legal State to HI Online Casinos

To access Hawaii online casinos in other states, you’ll need to travel to the mainland, all the way to the east of the country.

Of course, the only option is a flight and a long one since you’ll need to get to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or one of the other states listed above. The closest option would be Michigan, which is still an incredibly far journey.

Land-based Casinos in Hawaii

Hawaii has no land-based casinos and does not provide any casino-specific cruises. Of course, it’s possible to get on a short cruise from Hawaii, many of which provide casino services. However, none are specific to Hawaii that return the same day.

A State that’s Unlikely to Legalize Online Casinos

Since the state is firmly against all forms of gambling, it’s highly unlikely that Hawaii online casinos will be legalized anytime soon. HI Online casinos would be the easiest way for the state to introduce gambling, as no casinos need to be built. Once a governing body is in place, online operators can obtain licenses and provide access to the best Hawaii online gambling sites.

While it all seems easy and doable, it’s still a long shot for the island’s stateroom to agree to the possible harm gambling could cause.

Frequently asked questions

No, since the establishment of the stateroom, all Hawaii gambling activities have been banned, and no form of real money online casinos in Hawaii is legal. However, Sweepstake casinos are legal since you don't require real money.
The state only allows "friendly" Poker games, which means no money can be exchanged. Sweepstake online casinos in Hawaii don't require real money but reward cash rewards and prizes, which makes them perfectly legal.
No specific Hawaii casino cuirses are available, but multiple international cruise ships stop in Hawaii. Some ships provide casino games, but only once they reach international waters.
While accessing casinos in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a VPN is possible, it would go against the casino's regulations. To play at online casinos in Hawaii, players must physically be in a state that regulates online casinos.
Since the state is so strict against gambling, Hawaii online casinos could still take a long time to legalize. However, bills such as SB677 are trying to establish a regulating body, but it still needs to gain attention.
Hawaii does not provide any legal casinos, and therefore, no one of any age is allowed to partake in any form of gambling whatsoever.