An Update on Iowa's Online Casinos
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What does the future hold for online casinos in the Hawkeye State? Read our guide to learn about Iowa's gambling history, allowed activities, and what alternatives does it offer to play online casino games.

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Iowa news

Top Guide to Iowa Online Casinos

Iowa is known for its friendly approach to gambling and offers a diverse range of playing options. From land-based casinos to the excitement of online sports betting, the Hawkeye State has something for almost everyone.

But will Iowa ever offer the best online casinos to its players? Read our guide to learn the latest updates on real-money online casinos in the state.

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Are Online Casinos Legal in Iowa?

Not yet. While online sports betting continues to grow, Iowa online casinos are on halt per state laws. However, there are alternative options for those seeking casino-style entertainment that we’ll detail further on.

What is legal in Iowa casinos?

Despite Iowa’s rich tradition of land-based casinos and history of gambling, the state hasn’t approved online casino gambling in Iowa. Discussions have happened, but they’ve been shelved before reaching the voting stage.

There are some good news, though. In Iowa, you can register at legal online casinos in states where online gambling is permitted. This allows you to access casino bonuses and play casino games.

When will Iowa legalize online casinos?

There’s no immediate push for real-money online casinos in Iowa. But, the recent success of online sports betting may already pave the way for future developments. As the state establishes itself in the sports betting industry, it could be a move toward legalizing online casinos and poker in the coming years.

Brief Gambling History in Iowa

Important events stand out in Iowa’s gambling history. In 1983, the state took its first step by legalizing pari-mutuel betting and establishing the Racing Commission. In 1985, the first dog race track opened, and the Iowa Lottery was founded.

In 1989, Iowa became the first US state to legalize riverboat casinos, with many operating by the end of 1991. In 1992, tribal gambling negotiations allowed tribal casinos, with three tribes launching their casino venues.

In 2004, stricter regulations were introduced, like prohibiting ATMs within casinos and imposing heavy fines for underage gambling. Riverboat casinos continued to see developments— they were no longer required to leave the dock and could build over lakes.

The gambling landscape continued shaping as the years went on. Land-based casinos gained approval in 2007, and most recently, in 2019, Iowa expanded its gambling offerings by legalizing retail and online sports betting, along with Daily Fantasy Sports.

Best Sweepstake Casinos to Play in Iowa

For those looking for a safe and legal way to enjoy casino games, social casinos are a great choice. You can play online casino games, such as blackjack and online slots, without making deposits and still have a chance to win real prizes.

Here are some social casinos where you can play online slots in Iowa:

RankCasinoBest Bonus
1.Pulsz.com5,000 Gold Coins + 2.3 Sweepstake Coins — No Deposit Bonus
2.High 5 Casino5 Sweepstake Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds — No Deposit Bonus
3.WOW Vegas5,000 WOW coins + 1 Sweepstake Coin — No Deposit Bonus
4.Rush GamesVC$500 — No Deposit Bonus
5.BetRivers.net20 to 1000 VC$ — No Deposit Bonus
Play on a desktop or from the best Iowa casino apps!

 In Which States Is Online Casino Legal?

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Only a handful of states have legalized online casinos, with New Jersey leading since 2013. While many others wait to join the hotlist, these are the ones with online casino action:

Closest Legal States to Iowa

Iowa residents looking for online casino options will find Michigan the nearest state with such offerings. If you’re open to traveling further, you could also explore online casinos in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Land-based Casinos in Iowa

Iowa land-based casinos offer top-class entertainment similar to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. There are more than 20 venues since its legalization in 1994, providing slot machines, poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack. Together with riverboat casinos, they’ve generated $6 billion in gaming tax revenue for the state since 1991, created thousands of jobs, and are responsible for attracting up to 60% of the tourists who visit the state— a significant boost to Iowa’s economy.

Final Words

Iowa is one of the most relaxed states in the country when it comes to gambling. Despite the restrictions of online casino gambling, residents and visitors have many options to play.

As online sports betting continues to shine, it’s natural to think that the government will reconsider online casinos in the near future. Until then, Iowans can enjoy the diverse offerings of land-based casinos, social casinos, and sports betting sites.

Frequently asked questions

Online casinos for real-money gaming are currently not legal in Iowa, but online sports betting is permitted.
Yes, you can register with legal online casinos in other states where online gaming is permitted and play when you're there.
Social casinos are platforms like High 5 Casinos and that allow players to enjoy casino games without making deposits, offering the chance to win real prizes.
While there hasn't been a strong push for online casinos, the success of online sports betting in Iowa may lead to discussions about online casino legalization in the future.