New Hampshire

A State of Anticipation
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New Hampshire— pioneer in lottery games and home to various gambling activities. Read this article to learn how the state stands for online casino gambling and for potential future developments. Know the options available to those seeking gambling thrills in the Granite State.

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Top Guide to New Hampshire Online Casinos

Since legalizing lottery games in the 1960s, New Hampshire has evolved its gambling landscape. From horseracing to charity gambling events, the state has seen significant changes with online sports betting, the biggest addition. Now, many wonder if online casinos will ever be next. Is it a pipe dream or a realistic goal?

Read our guide to learn the latest updates on real-money online casinos in New Hampshire.

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Are Online Casinos Legal in New Hampshire?

The current state laws don’t allow online casino gambling in New Hampshire. However, the successful launch of online sports betting suggests that online casinos may follow suit.

You might find online casinos outside the US willing to serve you, but it doesn’t mean they’re legal. As most laws were made before the internet, changing takes time and is hard for lawmakers. These sites use this as leverage since there’s no clear rule against them. For now, we advise staying away from online casino sites until online casino laws in New Hampshire are official.

What is Legal in New Hampshire Casinos?

Several gambling activities are allowed in New Hampshire, such as lottery, sports betting, parimutuel wagering, and charitable gaming.

Charitable gaming includes poker, bingo, Lucky 7, raffles, games of chance, and card rooms. These activities have the green light as long as the charity entities are entitled to at least 35% of the gaming profits and the state takes another 10%.

The state permits charitable entities to host casino games, including blackjack, craps, and poker, with specific limitations on buy-ins and maximum bets. The minimum gambling age is 18 for lottery and bingo and 21 for racing, casino games, and poker. 

Fun fact: Owning a slot machine privately in New Hampshire is legal if it is 25 years old or older.

When Will New Hampshire Legalize Online Casinos?

Legalizing online casino gambling may be considered, especially if sports betting continues to perform well and the state seeks additional revenue sources. For now, online casinos are not on the cards in New Hampshire. But like most other restricted states, Sweepstake online casinos are legal. These sites don’t require a deposit or offer real-money gambling.

Brief Gambling History in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s gambling history is one worth noting. For starters, it was the first state in America to regulate lotteries in 1964, although this activity extends far back to when it was known as raffles in the 1800s.

In 1933, the state reached an important milestone when pari-mutuel betting was legalized, allowing residents to place bets on horse and greyhound races. Bingo and Lucky 7 became legal in 1949, and games of chance since 1977, including poker.

By 2013, animal racing ceased to exist, except for one off-track betting venue that continued to offer simulcast racing— a convenient way to watch live and bet on horse races worldwide.

The gambling outlook continued to evolve as retail sportsbooks opened and online sports betting was legalized in 2019. DraftKings operates this activity exclusively, committing to pay the New Hampshire Lottery 51% of the gross gaming revenue (GGR) generated from its online platform and 50% of all GGR from retail betting.

Despite these upward developments, New Hampshire has consistently rejected attempts to regulate online casino gambling, although it’s safe to say that residents have plenty of options to try their skill and luck.

Did You Know?
You won’t have to pay state taxes if you win big in New Hampshire. However, you’ll still need to pay 24% federal taxes on your winnings.

Best Sweepstake Casinos to Play in New Hampshire

While New Hampshire online casinos remain off the tables, Sweepstake online casinos offer a unique solution. These platforms enable real-money gaming without having to deposit. One of the best advantages of Sweepstake casinos is the ability to enjoy the latest casino games and convert your winnings into cash prizes and gifts.

Play online slots in New Hampshire at these social casinos:

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1.WOW Vegas5,000 Wow Coins
2.Pulsz.com2.3 Sweeps + 5,000 Game Coins
3.High 5 Casino250 Game Coins, 5 Sweeps, 600 Diamonds
4.Gambino Slots5,000 Wow Coins
5.Rush GamesVC$500 Welcome Bonus
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In Which States Is Online Casino Legal?

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Online casinos in the United States are currently accessible in six states. Michigan and Pennsylvania are prominent examples, but you can also discover legal online casino options in New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and West Virginia.

Closest Legal States to New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents have several options to fill the need for online casino action. The first stop on their road trip would be Connecticut. But while en route, why not drive to New Jersey or Pennsylvania? The extra miles compensate for the endless choices and access to brilliant online casino bonuses. You can leave Michigan and West Virginia for next time.

Land-based Casinos in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has an interesting situation regarding land-based casinos. The state doesn’t house any traditional, riverboat, or tribal casinos either. Instead, people can play at any of the 14 licensed charitable gaming venues that offer a range of activities, including poker and bingo. These venues are typically privately owned and consist of sports bars, bingo halls, and poker rooms, which must pay much of their profits to charity. Think of it as gambling for a good cause.

On the other hand, The Brook is the only racetrack in New Hampshire that allows off-track betting with multiple games of chance, poker tables, and “instant racing”— historical racing machines that look and operate like slot machines. There used to be more than just one venue, but the horse-racing industry is not nearly as popular as 20 years ago.

New Hampshire Online Casinos are Unlikely to Launch Soon

New Hampshire’s gambling landscape is unique. One side embraces activities like the lottery and horse racing while resisting the expansion of online casinos and poker. And as technology advances and neighboring states expand their gambling offerings, New Hampshire faces growing pressure to adapt.

But the contrast isn’t just about the existing or lack of laws. The state is concerned about gambling addiction and its social consequences and aims to balance economic gains with social responsibility, prioritizing community well-being while exploring new revenue-generating ways.