Strict Gambling Laws Against Online Casinos
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Governor Bill Lee states that gambling is destructive and, therefore, has no interest in legalizing more ways to bet and play casino games. However, there are still ways to play the best online casino games without using unregulated offshore casinos. In our guide to Tennessee Online Casinos, we'll explain the details and how to get started.

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Stating that all forms of gambling are destructive, the current Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, shows no interest in legalizing any form of online gambling. Lee refused to sign the latest version of the sports betting bill that legalized online betting in the state. Still, since it showed that the majority of the House and Senate voted in favor of the bill, he did not use his veto, leaving the bill to become law automatically.

While Bill Lee remains Governor, it seems unlikely for online casinos in Tennessee to become a reality. However, since sports betting managed to make it way through in 2019, there are hopes for progress in other forms of online gambling.

In our guide to online casinos in Tennessee, we look at the current legal ways to play the latest casino games at Sweepstakes online casinos, a brief history of gambling in the Volunteer State, and how the best American online casinos might become available sooner rather than later.

Are Online Casinos in Tennessee Legal?

Online casinos in Tennessee have not been legalized or regulated. While offshore sites continue to cater to the state, it’s important to note that none follow the rules and regulations and cannot be trusted for a safe and fair gaming experience.

Some would agree that regulated online casinos in Tennessee would provide the state with control over the “destructive” aspect of gambling and that Bill Lee should consider the benefits of being able to regulate gambling. Of course, the state would greatly benefit from the tax revenue, much like the benefits of legalized sports betting.

What Types of Online Casinos are Legal in Tennessee?

Real-money online casinos in Tennessee are not regulated or legal. However, since social casinos do not use real money for games, they are legal and provide many gaming opportunities.

Most social online casinos in Tennessee provide sweepstakes, which you can collect and redeem for real money rewards. You’ll find a great collection of games, including online slots, live dealer games, table games, and more.

When will Tennessee Legalize Online Casinos?

Since Governor Bill Lee is against all forms of online gambling, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the best online casinos in America become available. However, as mentioned earlier in our guide, it would be in the best interest of Tennessee residents and visitors to provide regulated online casinos in the state.

These online casinos would provide better support for problem gamblers while also gaining from the tax revenue currently spent on illegal gambling.

Brief History of Gambling in Tennessee

Unlike most American states, the gambling history in Tennessee only started showing essential events in the last three decades. In 1987, the Racing Control Act was signed into law, but not most of it failed to be implemented, leaving little change for gamblers. The Racing Commission closed down ten years later, but pari-mutuel betting remained available.

In 2002, the first state lottery in Tennesse was approved as voters favored Amendment 1, authorizing the Tennessee Educational Lottery (TEL). In 2004, the first lottery tickets were sold and continues to thrive to this day.

From 2010 to 2015, Tennessee made two major changes, including the Racing Control Act being repealed, which ended all forms of pari-mutuel betting, and charitable Bingo was legalized as long as it followed the charitable gambling laws.

Since 2016, Daily Fantasy Sports and in-person sports betting have been legalized, and in 2020, the first form of legal online gambling entered Tennessee as residents and visitors could wager on sports.

Sweepstakes Online Casinos in Tennessee

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Sweepstakes online casinos provide social gaming from leading game providers. Therefore, the slots, live dealer games, table games, and other casino games are the same as those you’d find at real money casinos. The difference is, Sweepstakes online casinos are legal as you don’t wager real money on games.

There are various sweepstakes online casinos in Tennessee, many of which provide “sweeps” that you can collect and redeem for cash prizes and other rewards. While there’s no need to make a purchase, thanks to daily rewards, you do still have the option to enhance your experience with coin packages.

RankSweepstakes Online CasinoWelcome Reward
1.Gambino Slots100,000 Game Coins + 200 Free Spins
2.Stake.us (Crypto)250,000 Game Coins + $25 Stake Cash
3.High 5 Casino250 Game Coins + 600 Diamonds + 5 Sweeps
4.Wow Vegas5,000 Wow Coins
5.Funrize75,000 Coins

In which States are Online Casinos Legal?

New Jersey was the first American state to launch legal online casinos in 2013. Its success motivated multiple other states to follow, and now seven states are offering the best online casinos in America, and we expect more will be joining soon.

Closest State with Legal Online Casinos from Tennessee

Legal Tennessee online casinos would provide the best access to the latest games, it’s not yet available. However, you can legally play at online casinos in other states as long as you’re in the state at the time.

Tennessee is far from most states with legal online casinos, but West Virginia is within driving distance if you plan to stay for a while. An 8-hour drive covering just over 500 miles will get you into West Virginia where you can claim bonuses and play some of the best online casino games, all for real money.

Land-based Casinos in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the few states with no land-based casinos, including commercial and tribal casinos. Other than the state lottery, sports betting, and sweepstakes online casinos, there are no other forms of casino gaming in the state.

Unlikely to Legalize Online Casinos

Tennessee online casinos won’t arrive soon, especially since no land-based casinos are available. By law, online casinos must partner up with land-based establishments, which is currently impossible in Tennessee.

Governor Bill Lee is against all forms of gambling, strengthening the odds against legalized online casinos in Tennessee. The only option to play games is at social online casinos, which might not offer real money online gaming but is undoubtedly safer than the unregulated offshore online casinos.

Frequently asked questions

No, online casinos are illegal in Tennessee. Offshore sites should not be trusted as there is no way of trusting fairness, security, and reliability.
Other than sweepstakes online casinos in Tennessee, all casino games for real money are illegal.
Governor Bill Lee is against all forms of gambling and is unlikely to legalize online casinos soon. Tennessee has no land-based casinos but has recently legalized online sports betting.
To access legal online casinos in other states, you must be in the state at the time of playing. You can create an account and deposit to claim the welcome bonus from Tennessee, but to play games, you have to be in the state.
A VPN would give you access to online casinos in other states, but it would go against the casino's rules and regulations.
Yes, since you won't wager real money on games, Sweepstakes Online Casinos in Tennessee are legal. You'll receive sweep coins, which can be redeemed for cash prizes and rewards.