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There are over 65 land-based casinos in California and the state shares borders with Nevada. Yet, online casinos remain limited to Sweepstake casinos, which are brilliant, but more options are always better. Our California online casino gudie looks at law, where to play, and how.

Best online casinos in California

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Top Guide to California Online Casinos

California Online Casinos Guide - ACG

While multiple states have legalized online casinos in the eastern part of the US, California sits as far west as possible, where no states have legalized internet gaming. Online Poker is the closest form of online gambling in California, available in the neighboring state of Nevada.

Since the state features over 65 land-based gambling destinations, it’s easy to assume online casinos in California would be the next step. However, since no other surrounding states have legalized internet play, there’s no rush.

While California online casinos are unavailable, it doesn’t mean you cannot play the latest casino games on your PC or mobile. Of course, we’re not suggesting unlicensed casinos but rather the brilliant range of sweepstake casinos that do not require any deposits but still deliver impressive cash prizes.

In our guide to California online casinos, you’ll learn more about what’s legal in the state, how to find the best sweepstake and social casinos, the closest state with legal online casinos, and more about land-based casinos in the state.

Are Online Casinos Legal in California?

As with sports betting – retail and online – online casinos in California are illegal. All attempts to legalize any form of online gambling have failed up to now, but some commentators remain optimistic about the legislative agenda in 2024.

Since tribal casinos are spread throughout the state and accessible to everyone over the age of 21, introducing online casinos in California and sharing profits with operators could be one of the primary drawbacks.

What is Legal in California Casinos?

Sharing borders with Nevada, it’s no surprise that casinos in California are widely available and incredibly popular. The state currently hosts over 65 land-based casinos where slots, table games, and other forms of gambling are allowed.

When Will California Legalize Online Casinos?

Since no form of online gambling is legal in California, it’s unlikely for the state to make any major movements anytime soon, especially since no surrounding states have legalized any form of online gaming other than sports betting.

Sports betting is also more likely to become available before online casinos in California. Still, as soon as one form of online play is permitted, it’s only a matter of time before the other follows. Of course, these California online casinos would be regulated and operated by tribal land-based casinos.

Brief Gambling History in California

The mid-19th century gold rush was the primary attraction to the Wild West, which in many ways was a gamble since many relocated blindly in search of wealth.

Poker was among the first forms of gambling in California, which grew rapidly and encouraged the establishment of many specialized clubs.

In terms of casino gaming in California, it was only around 1970 when a bingo club was established by one of the leaders of the Oneida tribe. The club became incredibly popular and soon exceeded the permitted levels in New York. However, the Indians refused to follow the rules since they were indigenous people and obeyed their own laws.

The impressive growth of clubs from tribes soon showed a need for control, which established the California Gambling Control Commission in the mid-90s. Before that, the Attorney Generals attempted to ban gambling but were sued by the tribes instead. In 1987, the US Supreme Court ruled that if casinos were allowed by tribes in the state, then government agencies were not allowed to ban them. One year later, in 1988, the Tribal Casinos Act was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

Best Sweepstake Casinos to Play in California

Sweepstake Casinos in California - ACG

While real-money online casinos in California are illegal, you can join sweepstake casinos and still play the latest slots, live dealer games, and much more.

Like other stakes, Sweepstake casinos in California do not provide real money play, so you do not have to deposit. Instead, you can use daily rewards and the welcome bonus to play games and claim cash prizes and gifts. Of course, if you want a boost in site credits, you can purchase coin and sweepstake packages.

RankSweepstake CasinoWelcome Bonus
1.Pulsz Casino2.3 SC + 5,000 Game Coins
2.BetRivers.net10 to 1,000 VCs
3.High 5 Casino250 Game Coins + 5 Sweeps
4.Gambino Slots100,000 Game Coins + 200 Free Spins
5.Wow Vegas5,000 Wow Coins

In Which States Are Online Casinos Legal?

While online casinos in California remain illegal, six other states in the US now permit online gambling at regulated sites. These sites only allow 21+ players and focus strongly on responsible gambling.

California’s Closest Legal State with Online Casinos

To enjoy the best online casinos from California, you’ll have to pack some breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days as a 35-hour (2,405-mile) drive is ahead of you. Alternatively, a flight of nearly four and a half hours is possible, which is well worth the effort to take advantage of online casinos in Michigan.

Land-based Casinos in California

California features a wide range of 66 tribal casinos operated by 63 tribes. In total, 109 tribes are in the state, and those who do not operate casinos receive revenue from the other tribes, thanks to the Gaming Revenue Share Trust Fund.

This gaming industry generates over $8 billion in revenues each year. Yet, brick-and-mortar casinos are still not legal in CA. Most southern California casinos are rather large, and most have hotels. The Indian casinos in northern California tend to be smaller, and many are in more remote locations. 

The massive selection of casinos in California presents over 70,000 slots and a massive collection of over 2,000 table games.

According to the state legislature, all of the Indian Tribes are considered to be independent, so they operate under their own jurisdiction. Any land-based casinos on tribal soil are considered independent territory outside of the state’s jurisdiction.

California Online Casinos Might Still Be Far Away

While the state provides various other forms of gambling, online casinos in California still seem like a distant dream. Sure, there is a movement towards legalizing online casinos, but with the tribes already offering so many land-based establishments, moving towards online play would be quite a challenge.

When California legalizes online casinos, many of the best US online casinos are sure to become available. To experience the latest games, join a sweepstakes casino and take advantage of the impressive no-deposit welcome bonuses available.

Frequently asked questions

Real Money Online Casinos such as BetMGM and Borgata Online remain illegal in California. Sweepstake casinos are 100% legal and provide games from top-rated game providers.
Currently, the state shows little interest to legalize online casinos or sports betting. Therefore, it's difficult to predict if online gambling would become legal in the near future.
The best online casinos in California include Wow Vegas,, and Gamblino Slots. These sweepstake casinos are 100% legal and safe as they do not provide real money gambling. However, players can still claim excellent cash prizes and gifts.
Online Casinos in California remain illegal as the state does not regulate any online sites and does not allow it either. Currently, the only laws that prohibit online casinos is the Unlawful Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006.
If caught gambling illegally, players could face a prison sentance of up to 6 months and a $1,000 fine. Unlawful online casinos are risky as there's no gaurantee of getting withdrawals or fair gaming services.
To register an account with an online casino, you'll need to provide your social security number and be in the state while playing casino games. While using a VPN is possible, it could go against the casino's terms and conditions.