A Gambling-friendly State that Could Legalize Online Casinos
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Colorado has over 30 land-based casinos and has recently legalized online sports betting. The state is perfect for legal online casinos but is under no pressure for changes. Our guide will examine the laws, how to play legally, and a short history.

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Colorado news

Colorado Online Casino Guide Banner - ACG

Multiple forms of online gambling in Colorado were recently legalized, including sports betting as the most popular, followed by horse racing and daily fantasy sports. However, the state is yet to legalize online casinos and has the ideal setup to provide access to the best online casinos in America, thanks to 30 commercial casinos.

In our guide to online casinos in Colorado, we explore the details of the current online casino status, the types of casinos that are legal, and when you can expect to gain access to the full range of online gambling opportunities.

Top Guide to Colorado Online Casinos

Located in the center of America – where no other states have legalized online casinos – lawmakers in Colorado are under no pressure to make any changes. The last push to introduce online casinos was in 2012 when the Colorado Gaming Association introduced a bill, but it is yet to progress.

Even though the best online casinos in America would make Colorado a hotspot for surrounding states, there’s no reason for any significant changes. Instead, lawmakers can take their time and introduce new forms of online gambling at their own pace.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Colorado?

Most other forms of online gambling are legal in Colorado, but online casinos remain in the shadows with no clear way forward. It’s not like lawmakers are against online play but have not made any drastic movements toward the idea.

What is Legal in Colorado Casinos?

Legal online gambling in Colorado includes sports betting, horse racing, lottery, daily fantasy sports, and more. The closest form of legal gambling to online casinos is social casinos, which provide access to the same games you’d like at online casinos but without the addition of using real money.

Social casinos include Sweepstakes, coins you can win to purchase real money gifts and rewards, which we talk about in more detail later in our guide to online casinos in Colorado.

When Will Colorado Legalize Online Casinos?

Since Colorado is keen to legalize other forms of online gambling, it’s one of the more likely states to provide access to the best online casinos in the US. While there are no plans to introduce those laws, things can change rapidly, and we could see online casinos in Colorado fast as there are already land-based casino partners.

The Colorado Gaming Association consists of a collaboration from the land-based casinos, which presented a bill in 2012 to add online casinos. Therefore, is seems that land-based casinos favor the addition; it’s about getting lawmakers to approve the bill.

Brief Gambling History in Colorado

Gambling has existed in Colorado since the 1800s, with saloons providing card games as an additional attraction. At one point, gambling in CO was even considered to be a professional job. 

Towards the end of the 19th century, a town called Leadville became the state’s gambling hotspot. This is where famous gamblers like Doc Holliday and Ben Thomspon spent much of their time. Many stories have been told over the years of how these men, and others, would show their dissatisfaction after losing money at the table by shooting out lights or at each other. 

Gambling was eventually deemed illegal in the state until 1990. It took one year for CO to pass a bill legalizing casinos.

When CO casinos were introduced in 1991, lawmakers applied an electronic games limit, allowing only slots, video poker, video blackjack, and video keno in addition to the table games of poker, blackjack, let it ride, and three-card poker. Table and game betting limits were not allowed to exceed $5.

All that changed on July 2, 2009, when the maximum bet at all Colorado casinos was raised to $100, plus the games of craps and roulette were added to the mix. Additionally, the casinos in Colorado were allowed to stay open for 24 hours rather than be closed between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m

Best Sweepstake Casinos in Colorado

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Real money online casinos in Colorado are illegal, but since social and Sweepstake casinos do not provide real money gambling, they are legal, and you can still claim real cash prizes.

Sweepstake casinos in Colorado make it possible to play tournaments, casino races, enjoy the latest online slots with the site’s currency. Collect enough, and you get to redeem the coins for various gifts, including cash prizes.

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Funrize Sweepstake Casino75,000 Coins Welcome Bonus + 50,000 Coins Verification Bonus
Pulsz Casino5,000 Gold Coins + 2.3 Sweepstakes
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In Which Stakes are Online Casinos Legal?

Since 2013, online casinos have become a popular addition to the gambling industry, starting with New Jersey. Since then, five other states have also legalized online casinos, and Rhode Island will officially become the seventh in March of 2024.

While online casinos in Colorado might not be planned just yet, it doesn’t mean the state won’t join the list of legal online casino stakes soon.

Closest Legal States to Colorado with Online Casinos

States with legal online casinos are far from Colorado, but it is worth the trip to enjoy the best of what is available in the US. Michigan is the closest state with legal online casinos, but it’s a road trip of over 1,300 miles. While the drive through Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois would be incredible, keeping the online casino opportunities for your next visit would be recommended.

Online casinos in any legal state would allow you to register your account before arriving. Still, per the casino’s rules and regulations, you must be in the state to play real money online casino games.

Land-based Casinos in Colorado

Colorado is home to over 30 land-based casinos that are spread throughout the mountain towns of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek. Black Hawk and Central City are only a mile apart, making it easy to go back and forth between them. 

Two Colorado casinos are affiliated with Indian Tribes (which abide by Colorado’s limited gaming rules) in Ignacio and Towaoc.

Colorado – A Gambling-Friendly State that’s Perfect for Online Casinos

With over 30 land-based casinos, legal online sports betting, and access to other online features, Colorado online casinos would be the perfect addition for a well-rounded gambling experience.

Compared to other states, Colorado is more likely to legalize online casinos in the mid-US, but without any significant progress, it could still take a while before we see drastic changes. However, as soon as any of the surrounding states legalize online gambling, Colorado would most likely be one of the first to join the list of legal states.