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Kansas provides various gambling opportunities to residents and visitors at tribal and state-owned casinos. It's also one of the states that legalized online sports betting in 2022, but does not show any interest in online casinos yet. In our guide to online casinos in Kansas, we'll tell you more about legal sweepstakes online casinos in Kansas, look at the history, and how things could change.

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Kansas is not located near any states with access to legal online gaming, which puts no pressure on lawmakers to consider making changes. On the bright side, the state includes various gambling opportunities, some owned by the state and others operated by the Kaw Nation, otherwise known as the Kanza people, which is how the state got its name.

Gamblers in Kansas also have access to bingo, poker rooms, lotteries, and prize competitions but no online gaming. If caught playing at real money online casinos in Kansas, you’ll violate a class B offense, which could lead to jail time and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

In our guide to online casinos in Kansas, we’ll talk more about the current laws, how things could change, and how to play your favorite casino games without breaking the law, thanks to sweepstakes online casinos.

Are Online Casinos in Kansas Legal?

Although Kansas has a long tradition of great land-based gaming platforms, online casinos have not been legalized. There appears to be limited motion toward legalization at this point. However, online sportsbooks have been approved in Kansas, so there is the hope that online casinos will soon follow. 

Are any Types of Online Casinos Legal in Kansas?

Since the law restricts real money online casinos, the only way to play the latest online games would be to use sweepstakes online casinos. While these aim to provide a social gaming experience, there are still wait to claim real money rewards, which are perfectly legal in Kansas.

Sweepstakes online casinos allow you to claim sweep coins by participating in tournaments, playing games, daily rewards, or making a purchase to get coin packs. Once you’ve verified your account and collected enough sweeps, you’ll be able to redeem a cash reward.

When will Kansas Legalize Online Casinos?

While other states have shown interest in legalizing online casinos, Kansas currently has no bills in place with any such plans. Since the state is under no pressure to make changes, as no other nearby states have legal online casinos, we don’t expect any drastic changes to occur in 2024. However, as more states to the east legalize online gaming, we could see the pressure increase, especially if Kansas gamblers start to travel for online gaming.

Brief Gambling History in Kansas

Kansas has relatively favorable gambling laws. The loosening of strictures began in 1987 when they legalized betting on racing and pari-mutuel wagering, and two years later, the first track – Woodlands Racetrack – opened its doors.

Indian casinos were the first to arrive in Kansas as the state entered into compacts in 1995, allowing the Native Americans to establish casinos in 1996. Today, most land-based casinos are owned and operated by Native Americans, but the state also features four state-owned casinos.

The Kansas Expanded Lottery Act of 2007 finally permitted the state to operate four land-based casinos located in the southeast, northeast, south-central, and southwest.

While various changes were applied to the 2007 Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, the next big step forward for gambling in Kansas occurred in 2022 when online sports betting was legalized. The state permitted four online betting platforms, BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel, all launched in September 2022.

Best Sweepstakes Online Casinos in Kansas

Sweepstakes Online Casinos in Kansas Banner - ACG

Kansas bans all forms of real money casino games, which does not apply to sweepstakes online casinos as you don’t wager real dollars on games. Instead, you’ll get to play the latest casino games with the website currency and collect sweeps along the way, which you can use to redeem real cash rewards.

There are various top-rated American sweepstakes online casinos in Kansas with excellent welcome rewards, daily rewards, and coin packages for all budgets if you want an additional boost.

RankSweepstakes Online CasinoWelcome Reward
1.Wow Vegas5,000 Wow Coins
2.Gamblino Slots100,000 Coins + 200 Free Spins
3.Funrize75,000 Coins
4.McLuck50,000 Coins + 25 Sweeps
5.Stake.us (Crypto)250,000 Coins + $25 Stake Cash

In which States are Online Casinos Legal?

The first online casinos in America launched in 2013 as individual states could decide to permit or restrict online gaming. New Jersey was the first to launch multiple states simultaneously, offering a wide range of popular American sites with excellent bonuses and promotions.

Today, seven states provide legal online casinos, including Rhode Island, the latest arrival. More states are lined up and putting the possibility of online casinos up for a vote.

Closest State with Online Casinos from Kansas

While some assume Nevada is the closest state with legal online sites, online gaming is not yet legal. The seven states that currently permit online gaming are in the east, including Michigan, the closest state with online casinos to Kansas.

While it’s an average journey of around 1,000 miles, remember that you can legally register an online casino account from Kansas and play when you’re in the state. If you have an airport layover or plan to travel through any of the states mentioned above, you can legally play real money casino games while in the state.

Land-based Casinos in Kansas

There are two different types of casinos in Kansas. There are four Kansas casinos that are state-owned and operated, and there are five Native American casinos in Kansas.

Unless otherwise noted, all state-run casinos in Kansas, as well as all Indian casinos, are open 24 hours and offer the following games:

  • slot machines
  • video poker
  • video keno
  • blackjack
  • craps 
  • roulette

Other games include poker, pai gow poker, mini-baccarat, let it ride, Mississippi stud, three-card poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and bingo. To play at land-based casinos in Kansas, players must be at least 21.

No information has been released about the payback percentages on electronic gaming machines at state-operated casinos in Kansas. However, gaming regulations require that all machines return no less than 87%. Unlike casinos in many other states, Kansas’s slot machine payback statistics are not released as a matter of public record.

Kansas Online Casinos are not on the Cards

While Kansas provides many forms of legalized gambling, the state has no reason to make major changes and permit online gaming. While regulated online casinos in Kansas would certain help lower the illegal gambling industry and assist players that show signs of promblem gambling, we don’t see the change occur anytime soon.

As mentioned in our guide to online casinos in Kansas, the state would only consider online casinos when neighboring states legalize online gaming, but in 2024, none of the state around the middle of American are pushing towards online gaming.

Frequently asked questions

No, Kansas has not regulated online casinos and currently shows no interest in changing the law.
Since these sites are not regulated and illegal, there is no way of knowing that games are fair, that your details are safe, and that your withdrawals will be honored.
Kansas Online Casinos could still be a long time away as the state shows no interest in changing the law. The state is not located near any other states with online casinos, which places lawmakers under no pressure.
Yes, since sweepstakes online casinos do not use real money, you can legally play the latest casino games and redeem cash prizes by collecting sweep coins.
Kansas legalized online sports betting in 2022, and while it seems promising for online casinos in Kansas, the state has not made any bills to legalize online gaming for real money possibly.
Yes, you can legally register your account and claim the welcome bonus. However, to play casino games for real money, you need to be in the state where online casinos are legal.