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South Dakota is a wide, sparsely populated state. But along the long rides across the state, you’ll find plenty of…

South Dakota is a wide, sparsely populated state. But along the long rides across the state, you’ll find plenty of land-based casinos and other gambling opportunities.

In this guide, we’ll let you know about all the options you have for gambling in South Dakota. 

Online Casinos in South Dakota

Online casinos have not yet been legalized in South Dakota. The laws are quite strict and state that anyone participating in gambling online, whether you’re trying to operate or just play, are subject to consequences.

Online poker and sports betting are also illegal in South Dakota, with no future plans to have either legalized. This means it will take a long time before players can gamble online legally in the state. 

You still have the option to play on social casinos, which provide free online slots and other casino games. This is completely legal and offers players a chance to win small cash prizes.

Land-Based Casinos in South Dakota

Unless otherwise noted, all South Dakota casinos are open 24 hours and all offer slot machines and video poker.

Some casinos also offer blackjack, craps, roulette, let it ride, three-card poker, ultimate Texas hold ‘em. Mississippi stud and poker. Most of the Native American casinos also offer bingo.

If you are interested in folding casinos in Sioux Falls, South Dakota then you will want to check out Royal River Casino & Hotel. This is the closest South Dakota casino to Sioux Falls at 40 miles North.

Golden Buffalo Casino
Golden Buffalo Casino

Golden Buffalo Casino

Gamblers may choose from 200 cutting-edge slot machines, with wagers ranging from one cent to $100.00.

  • Address:  321 Sitting Bull St, Lower Brule, SD 57548, United States
  • Phone: +1 605-473-5577
  • Website:
Dakota Connection Casino and Travel Center
Dakota Connection Casino and Travel Center

Dakota Connection Casino and Travel Center

Discover your favourite game from a plethora of options. With slot game classics like Double Diamond and Sizzler 7, as well as fresh and intriguing games, you’re sure to find the game that’s right for you.

  • Address: 46102 SD-10, Sisseton, SD 57262, United States
  • Phone:  +1 605-698-4273
  • Website:
Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel
Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel

Their spectacular, action-packed casino floor offers a wide range of video and reel games in forms ranging from basic three-reel Las Vegas slot machines to video slots with hundreds of lines to play at once and in all denominations!

  • Address:  16415 Sioux Conifer Rd, Watertown, SD 57201, United States
  • Phone: +1 800-658-4717
  • Website:
The Fort Randall Casino
The Fort Randall Casino

The Fort Randall Casino

The Fort Randall Casino is open 24 hours a day. We provide a wide range of gaming options, including slots, blackjack, poker, and bingo.

  • Address: 7011, 38538 SD-46, Lake Andes, SD 57356, United States
  • Phone: +1 605-487-7871
  • Website:
Lode Star Casino
Lode Star Casino

Lode Star Casino

Their casino floor has over 200 of the loosest slots for miles, which guarantees BIG WINS.

  • Address: 1003 SD Hwy Jct. of Hwy 34 and Hwy 47, Fort Thompson, SD 57339, United States
  • Phone: +1 605-245-6000
  • Website:

Types of Casinos in South Dakota

There are several types of casinos in South Dakota.


South Dakota has a large number of casinos and casino hotels. These vary a lot in size, but most have a good selection of slots and table games. 

Bars and Taverns

Bars and taverns are allowed to have up to 10 video lottery terminals (VLT’s) that offer the following games:

  • poker
  • keno
  • blackjack 
  • bingo 

These machines are the same as regular video gaming devices but are called “lottery terminals.” This is because they are regulated by the state’s lottery commission which receives a share of each machine’s revenue. 

The machines accept cash but don’t pay out in cash. Instead, they print out a receipt which must be taken to a cashier.

The maximum bet is $2 and the maximum payout allowed is $1,000.

Slots and Table Games

Slot machines, as well as blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker, are only permitted at Indian casinos in South Dakota and in Deadwood.

List of Land-based Casinos in South Dakota

Deadwood, South Dakota Casinos

If you are looking for casinos in South Dakota near Mount Rushmore, you will have to make a stop in Deadwood. It is located just 50 miles North of Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota law limits each casino licensee to a maximum of 30 slot machines and no one person is allowed to hold more than three licenses.

Some operators combine licenses with other operators to form a cooperative which may look like one casino but in reality, it’s actually several licensees operating under one name. 

The Deadwood Trolly runs a scheduled shuttle service to all of the casinos that operate from 7 am to 1 am weekdays and 7 am to 3 am on weekends. The cost is $1 per ride.

The state’s gaming laws originally limited blackjack, poker, let it ride and three-card poker bets to a maximum of $5, however, in July 2012 the law was changed to allow maximum bets of $1,000.

The payback percentages on electronic gaming machines at all non-Indian casinos in South Dakota are released as a matter of public record. Just click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for all South Dakota casinos.

Native American Casinos in South Dakota

In addition to the Deadwood casinos, there are also nine Native American casinos in South Dakota. These casinos are also subject to the $1,000 maximum bet restrictions.

No information is available concerning the payback percentages on gaming machines at Indian casinos in South Dakota. 

Unlike the casinos in South Dakota, in many states, the slot machine payback statistics for that particular state’s casinos are released as a matter of public record. Just click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for all U.S. casinos.

List of Native American Casinos in South Dakota

  1. Dakota Connection Casino 
  2. Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel
  3. Fort Randall Casino & Hotel
  4. Golden Buffalo Casino & Hotel
  5. Grand River Casino & Resort
  6. Lode Star Casino & Hotel
  7. Prairie Wind Casino & Hotel
  8. Rosebud Casino and Quality Inn Rosebud Casino
  9. Royal River Casino & Hotel

List of South Dakota Casinos and Locations

Name of CasinoCityCounty
Buffalo Bodega Gaming ComplexDeadwoodLawrence
Cadillac Jack’s Gaming ResortDeadwoodLawrence
Dakota Connection Casino (Native American)SissetonRoberts
Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel (Native American)WatertownCodington
Deadwood Gulch Gaming ResortDeadwoodLawrence
Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino & HotelDeadwoodLawrence
Deadwood Station Bunkhouse & Gambling HallDeadwoodLawrence
First Gold Hotel & GamingDeadwoodLawrence
Fort Randall Casino & Hotel (Native American)PickstownCharles Mix
Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & CafeDeadwoodLawrence
Gold Dust Gaming & Entertainment ComplexDeadwoodLawrence
Golden Buffalo Casino & Hotel(Native American)Lower BruleLyman
Grand River Casino & Resort (Native American)MobridgeCorson
Hickok’s CasinoDeadwoodLawrence
Historic Bullock HotelDeadwoodLawrence
Iron Horse InnDeadwoodLawrence
Lucky 8 GamingDeadwoodLawrence
Lode Star Casino & Hotel (Native American)Fort ThompsonBuffalo
The Lodge at Deadwood Gaming ResortDeadwoodLawrence
Main Street Deadwood GulchDeadwoodLawrence
Mineral Palace Hotel & GamingDeadwoodLawrence
Mustang Sally’sDeadwoodLawrence
Old Style Saloon No. 10DeadwoodLawrence
Oyster Bay Bar & CasinoDeadwoodLawrence
Prairie Wind Casino & Hotel (Native American)OglalaOglala Lakota
Rosebud Casino and Quality Inn Rosebud Casino(Native American)MissionTodd
Royal River Casino & Hotel (Native American)FlandreauMoody
Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming ComplexDeadwoodLawrence
Tin Lizzie Gaming ResortDeadwoodLawrence
VFW CasinoDeadwoodLawrence
Wooden Nickel CasinoDeadwoodLawrence

South Dakota Land-Based Casinos Map

You can easily see all casino locations by using our South Dakota casinos map. To zoom in, just click the + (plus) sign in the lower right corner of the map, or to zoom out, just click the – (minus) sign in the same area.

To move the map of casinos in South Dakota, click and hold down either of your mouse buttons. Then use the hand icon to drag the map in whichever direction you desire.

Each of the red icons on the map is a casino location. Just click on any red icon to see the name of the casino at that location. If you want more information on that casino, simply click again on the casino’s name and it will direct you to another page with detailed information on that particular casino, including address, phone number, toll-free phone number, room rates, casino size, dining information, games offered, availability of discounts for seniors, any special features, and a direct link to that casino’s website.

History of Gambling in South Dakota

The history of gambling in South Dakota is marked by these four major events:

  1. 1933 Pari-mutuel wagers legalized
  2. 1986  State lottery legalized
  3. 1989 Some casino gambling legalized (Deadwood only)
  4. 1993 Beginning of Native American compacts with the state

The fourth action in 1989 really opened the floodgates for casinos in South Dakota. As you can see from the chart above, there are a number of casinos in Deadwood.

South Dakota Gambling Laws and Regulatory Organizations

South Dakota has some unique laws around gambling in the presence of minors. 

There is really only one organization that oversees its casinos and all state gambling. 

Gambling Laws in South Dakota

The minimum gambling age is 21 at all Deadwood and Native American casinos (18 for bingo at Native American casinos).

Interestingly, South Dakota casinos have very liberal rules about allowing minors in casinos and virtually all of the casinos will allow children to enter with their parents until about 8 p.m.

Additionally, South Dakota is the only jurisdiction that will allow children to stand next to their parents while they are gambling.

South Dakota Regulatory Organizations

Additional Resources

For South Dakota tourism information call (800) 732-5682, or visit their website

For infor­mation on visiting Deadwood call the city’s Chamber of Commerce at (800) 999-1876, or visit their website.

Gambling In South Dakota Today

As of now there is little new news brewing in South Dakota. At the time of writing, effects from COVID regulations in 2020 have done little to advance discussion of online casinos in the state. 

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